Keep Your Propane Supply Full, Secure, and Accessible

Helpful tips to keep your home cozy

propane delivery maineThanks to the dropping Maine temperatures, you’ve probably realized by now that we are officially in the winter season. And that means that if your home is heated by propane, you are absolutely going to want to keep your propane supply full, secure, and accessible. The last thing you want (and the last thing we want for you) is for you to run out of propane while we’re experiencing frigid temperatures outside.

So how exactly can you keep your propane supply full, secure, and accessible this winter? Here are some helpful tips.

How To Monitor Your Propane Supply

It’s good to be aware of how much propane you use on a regular basis. This will help you get an idea of how often you will need to refill your propane tank. To estimate your propane usage, you first need to know how large your propane tank is. Then you need to figure out how many of your home’s appliances are running on propane and how much propane each of those appliances uses. If you are a Will-Call customer, you are responsible for monitoring your propane tank gauge levels and contacting us to request a delivery. We recommend not letting your tank fall below 30% full.

Automatic Propane Delivery

Another option that helps ensure your propane supply stays full is Murray-Heutz’s automatic propane delivery service. This service uses estimates based on past propane usage and the current outside temperatures to schedule propane refill deliveries accordingly. Therefore, customers do not have to worry about calling to schedule deliveries each time they are in need. However, if the amount of propane you’re using changes, you could still potentially run out. An easy way to avoid that problem is with our Tank Utility remote monitoring system.

Tank Utility Monitoring

The Tank Utility remote monitoring system is the only true way to guarantee that your supply of propane will never get too low or run out. Through a device that is attached to your tank, our team of experts keeps track of your home’s fuel levels and delivers refills accordingly. The monitor is easy to install and set up and doesn’t require anything on your end. In fact, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that worrying about running out of propane doesn’t have to be a worry of yours. You’ll never find yourself in a position where you’re scrambling to try to arrange a last-minute propane delivery.

If you’re looking for reliable propane deliveries in the Central Maine area, let Murray-Heutz be the one call you make. We offer the best propane gas and propane gas services in the area. And if you never want to run out of propane gas again, contact us so we can tell you more about our Tank Utility monitoring system.