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Are you shopping around for a propane company for your Turner area home or business? You probably have seen a lot of those companies touting the quality of their service. At Murray-Heutz, we guarantee the quality of our propane services. You can see we live up to that guarantee with the many five-star reviews our customers give.

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Complete propane services from Murray-Heutz

Propane Delivery Turner ME

Propane delivery — You can use our Automatic Delivery service for added convenience and security. Our advanced technology takes into account your previous propane consumption and upcoming weather conditions to schedule the optimal time for a delivery. You won’t need to contact us to request a refill anymore!

Propane tank installation and leasing — At Murray-Heutz, we provide various sizes of propane tanks suitable for your home. Our installation team is highly efficient in completing the installation quickly. We also offer a leasing option for the tank, which is cost-effective and stress-free, helping you avoid expensive upfront purchases and future maintenance costs.

Wireless propane tank monitoring — We offer wireless propane tank monitoring to ensure you have a precise and timely propane supply and delivery. Our monitor uses advanced technology to constantly monitor the propane level in your tank and alerts us when you need a refill. We schedule the delivery before your tank runs low, making it hassle-free for you to have propane in your home.

Propane pricing and payment options — Manage your propane costs in a way that best meets your needs and budget with plans such as our Advantage Plan Monthly Smart Pay Payment Plan (with or without Price Cap), PreBuy with Price Cap, Auto Pay and Paperless Billing.

Propane appliance installation and service — Murray-Heutz has a team of skilled service technicians who can provide top-quality services for heating and water heating installation, maintenance, or repairs in your home. You can trust our personnel to have extensive knowledge in their field and deliver quality services. We have affordable service plans to help your equipment operate efficiently and protect you from costly repair bills.

Commercial propane services — Murray-Heutz offers customized propane delivery and services to businesses in Turner and nearby areas. We cater to clients from various industries and sizes, such as construction, hospitality, health care and more. As a local business, we prioritize meeting the specific needs of every client with quality service no big national company can offer.

Murray-Heutz is well-liked in Turner!

“I purchased a new manufactured home last fall and needed to have propane tanks installed in time to close on both the new home and the old home. I called two big companies, including the one I had been doing business with for years. Neither one was able to get the tanks installed before the closing dates. Murray-Heutz was able to get everything installed and working well before the closing date. I was able to set up automatic delivery and have had very timely deliveries ever since. Never have to worry about running low on propane. Also, it is so nice to call and speak to a live person every time. Never have to leave a message and wait for a callback.” — Dawn D.

FAQs about propane and propane delivery

Q. When should I order more propane?

A. We recommend Will-Call customers to place a request for propane delivery prior to the gauge level of their propane tank reaching 30%. A more convenient option is to switch to Automatic Delivery and make use of wireless propane tank monitoring, which would eliminate the concern of running out of propane and make the delivery process trouble-free.

Q. Do I need to be home when my propane is delivered?

A. Most of the time the answer is no as your propane tank is outdoors. However, if access to your driveway and/or tank is blocked by a gate, you either need to be home or make sure the gate is unlocked.

Q. Are propane appliances energy efficient?

A. Using propane appliances can help you save on energy costs and reduce waste during combustion because they are highly efficient. The latest propane heating systems can help you save money and enhance efficiency, reaching up to 98% efficiency. This means that only two cents of every dollar you spend on propane for home heating will be lost during combustion. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, propane-powered water heaters are better than electric models for supplying hot water and can save you up to $174 annually on energy costs if you switch from electric.

Q. What size propane tank should I have for my home?

A. Choosing the right size propane tank is important for maintaining a consistent supply of propane in your home. Our team will consider factors such as the size of your home and the propane usage of various appliances (e.g. stoves, water heaters) and whole-house heating, to determine the appropriate tank size for your needs.

Get the reliable, personal propane delivery and service you deserve. Become a Murray-Heutz customer today!

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