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Propane for Your Business

Commercial propane delivery service in Central Maine

Propane can do a lot for your business!

So many businesses all over central Maine rely on propane as a key part of their operation and their success.

Murray-Heutz Oil and Propane is the region’s reliable provider of propane delivery for any propane need your business has.

You might be surprised at how diverse the businesses and institutions in central Maine that use propane are.

That’s because propane is an incredibly diverse energy source. It can do so many things for all types of companies, as well as for health care providers, governments and school districts.

What kinds of businesses in central Maine use propane?

The tourism and hospitality industries are vital to the economy here in central Maine. Tourism brings in $6.2 billion a year to Maine’s economy. Around 37 million visitors come to the state each year, generating about $610 million in tax revenue and being responsible for about 110,000 jobs that generate around $2.5 billion in household income.

Propane plays a key role in all of that.

Commercial kitchens in restaurants, hotels, resorts, banquet and party centers, roadside diners, clam shacks and more use propane because it offers precise and instant temperature control, even cooking, and plenty of BTUs for high-heating tasks like broiling. All of that gives their cooks what they need to create quality food, and lots of it. Propane can also provide whole-building heating. Outdoor spaces can be enhanced with propane patio and deck heaters, fire pits, grills and lighting.

Commercial mowers for landscaping that run on propane get the job done with much fewer emissions than mowers powered by gasoline. Fuel and maintenance costs are also reduced. Fleet vehicles like those used by food distributors that bring fresh local seafood to grocery stores, hotels, resorts and restaurants can run on propane.

Propane is a key part of construction businesses. It can run vehicles and equipment cleanly and efficiently, charge power tools and provide temporary heating so your job gets done even in Maine’s wicked winters.

Residential builders can offer homebuyers the energy-efficient homes they want by installing propane heating systems as well as other propane appliances like stoves and water heaters.

Propane is great for local factories and warehouses. Because propane has such low emissions and is non-toxic, it can run forklifts both indoors and outdoors longer and with more power than electric forklifts.

Municipalities are also discovering how propane works for them. Vehicles like school buses and shuttle buses can run on propane with lower emissions, less and easier maintenance, a lower gelling point than gasoline or diesel so less risk of fuel thickening in engines in the winter, and an overall lower total cost of ownership than vehicles powered by diesel or gasoline.

Maine farms use propane for keeping greenhouses warm and heating barns, among other uses.

Businesses of all kinds use propane for generators. They keep vital equipment and services up and running for hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living centers, retail stores, office buildings and more. A propane generator can keep life-saving medical equipment running, protect perishable foods from spoiling by powering refrigeration, and protect critical and expensive technology like computers and servers by keeping the HVAC system on.

If you are a business owner looking for dependable propane delivery in Lewiston, Augusta, Brunswick and surrounding communities in central Maine, Murray-Heutz Oil and Propane is the propane delivery company that will go to work for you! Get in touch with us today to learn more and become a customer!