Propane for Your Business

Commercial propane delivery and service in Central Maine

Restaurants, hotels, resorts, dry cleaners, greenhouses, offices and warehouses are among the many businesses that rely on Murray-Heutz to worry about their propane gas delivery so they can keep their focus on staying profitable.

Propane remains one of the most economical sources of heat for large warehouses and factories. Because of its low, nontoxic emissions, propane is also the fuel of choice for powering indoor forklifts, torches and welders.

As your commercial propane supplier, you can also rely on us to maintain an adequate fuel supply for your backup generators. Propane is the best choice for generators since it can be stored indefinitely, and will not deteriorate over time (like gasoline) or gel up in winter (like diesel).

If you’re looking for consistency, reliability, service and reliable commercial propane delivery to keep your business running, Murray-Heutz is your guy.

For more information about scheduled propane delivery as well as emergency propane delivery in Turner, Lewiston, Auburn, Mechanic Falls and surrounding communities, call our office or contact us today.