TankSure® Protection Plan

Protect your oil tank, your home and your wallet!

Did you know that it can cost thousands of dollars to replace your home’s heating oil tank?

And if the tank has a leak, you’ll have to spend even more money on cleanup costs.

Murray-Heutz gives you a way to prevent those steep costs while protecting your home: our TankSure® program!


For just pennies a day, the TankSure® protection plan helps protect your heating oil tank AND gives you a generous warranty if you do need to replace the tank.

Here’s what you get with TankSure:

With TankSure®, you get peace of mind knowing that your home and tank are better protected from potential damage from a heating oil tank failure because you’ll be more prepared to replace it before it fails.

TankSure® is for heating oil tanks of any age, but if your tank is 25 years old or older, or if you don’t know its exact age, don’t delay in getting TankSure®! Once your tank starts leaking, it is ineligible for coverage.

Contact us to learn more about TankSure® and get started with enrollment!

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