Murray-Heutz: Your go-to kerosene fuel supplier in Central Maine

Looking for kerosene heater fuel in Maine? Need reliable kerosene deliveries? Murray-Heutz is your guy to call to buy your kerosene fuel locally.

Kerosene is an important fuel for Down Easters because it has a lower gel point than traditional heating oil. That’s why many Mainers use it to warm mobile homes as well as homes that have outside tanks.

To enhance performance further, we mix in our additive to every gallon of kerosene we deliver to your home.

As the most reliable kerosene fuel supplier in Central Maine – and with industry-leading customer service, guaranteed fair pricing and highly efficient fuel delivery – Murray-Heutz is your trusted resource for cold weather, outdoor fuel storage solutions.

For more information about our service, quality and value for kerosene delivery in Turner, Lewiston, Auburn, Mechanic Falls and surrounding communities, call our office or contact us today.