Murray-Heutz: Your go-to kerosene fuel supplier in Central Maine

Looking for kerosene heater fuel in Maine? Need reliable kerosene deliveries? Murray-Heutz is your guy to call to buy your kerosene fuel locally. We sell quality kerosene at competitive prices. The kerosene fuel we deliver is reliable and provides comfort evenly throughout your home as an alternative to other heating sources.

Kerosene is an important fuel for Down Easters because it has a lower gel point than traditional heating oil. That’s why many Mainers use it to warm mobile homes as well as homes that have outside tanks.

Why our kerosene is a good value in Central Maine

Putting top- quality fuel oil in your storage tank will deliver superior performance, improved efficiency, and greater savings over the long-term. Every single gallon of kerosene we put into your tank contains a technically superior additive that is engineered to improve stability. This is a key factor in keeping your fuel oil stable and preventing it from breaking down over time.

This additive also prevents the formation of water, sludge, and algae in your fuel tank. Sludge and sediment contribute to corrosion and will not only shorten the life of your equipment, but it will lead to unreliable heating performance and possible equipment failure. When you have less sediment, your nozzles, screens, and electrodes stay clean, keeping your equipment running better and burning fuel more efficiently every day.

Benefits of using kerosene in your Central Maine home

Here are a few fast facts about kerosene that may surprise you.

Kerosene delivery in Turner, Lewiston and other towns in Central Maine

How can we assist with your kerosene fueling needs? Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about using this fuel or to place an order. To become a Murray-Heutz kerosene customer, please go here.

As the area’s most reliable supplier for kerosene, backed by outstanding customer service, fair pricing and highly efficient fuel delivery. Murray Heutz is your trusted resource for cold weather, outdoor fuel storage solutions.

For more information about our service, quality and value for kerosene delivery in Turner, Lewiston, Auburn, Mechanic Falls and surrounding communities, please call our office or contact us today.

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