Heating Oil Prices

Heating Oil Prices for Maine

Everybody knows that real value is not just about getting the lowest possible price. It’s about service, dependability, convenience, trust, and safety, all delivered with the personal touch that Murray-Heutz is known for.

Murray-Heutz guarantees fair pricing for all your home heating oil needs, and we stand behind that promise every step of the way. It is our mission to deliver the best possible prices and real value above all else and we work hard to make sure we keep that promise.

Our prices are competitive, but there’s so much more. We go the extra mile to ensure our customers get the benefits of our exemplary customer service, experience, and expertise. What this means is, you might be able to find a lower price, and you may find home heating oil suppliers that deliver for you, but you will rarely find a supplier that is the whole package. That is our goal with every customer we serve.

Heating oil delivery you can count on

Having a home heating oil dealer and delivery service you know will be there for you not only brings you warmth and comfort through the frigid Maine winters, but it gives you peace of mind, knowing you will never run out of fuel when you need it most.

Our heating oil auto-delivery programs are designed to make your life easier. You have better things to do than worry about whether or not your tank is full enough to make it through the month!

heating oil prices in maine

Some of the benefits of auto-delivery include:

We use a simple method to calculate your fuel use throughout the year. This is how we know when you’ll need a fill-up.

Using an algorithm that considers your past usage and the average temperatures over time, we can accurately calculate your needs and reliably predict when you will need a delivery.

When there is a big storm in the forecast, we plan ahead to make sure you have the fuel you need before the bad weather rolls in. With automatic deliveries, you don’t need to think twice about monitoring your tank or scheduling a fill-up. We will never let you run out – and that is our promise to you.

We only deliver quality heating oil

The heating oil delivered by Murray-Heutz today is not like the heating oil of just a generation or two ago.

Advances in technology have led to the development of ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO), the only kind of heating oil Murray-Heutz delivers. With the sulfur content almost completely removed from the heating oil, particulate emissions are cut by 99%!

That’s not only better for your environment, it’s also better for your heating system. Our ULSHO leaves fewer deposits on parts inside your furnace or boiler. Fewer deposits lead to less wear, lowering the risk of breakdowns and potentially increasing the life expectancy of your heating system.

Competitive pricing. Convenient plans.

Heating oil, like gasoline and diesel fuel, is derived from crude oil, meaning that its price is closely tied to that of crude. Crude oil production in the United States has been rising in recent years, contributing to manageable prices on home heating oil. This is good!

However, everything from the weather to global politics can influence the energy markets. Even the slightest fluctuation in these factors can affect the cost of your home heating oil, as can seasonal demand, operational costs, and a little friendly competition between dealers.

To mitigate these issues, we offer several payment plans to help you better manage your energy spend:

Our objective in all we do is to keep your home or business warm with dependable heating oil delivery through the long Maine winters. We also help with that by providing repairs, home heating service and heating system installations in Turner, Lewiston, Auburn, Lisbon, Topsham, Durham, and surrounding Maine communities.

Get the reliable heating oil delivery and service you deserve. Become a Murray-Heutz customer today!

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