On- and Off-Road Diesel

Do you have a reliable guy for on- or off-road diesel?

At Murray-Heutz, we understand how delivery of quality wholesale diesel fuel can be critical to the success of your business. That’s why we want to be your go-to guys for the most reliable delivery of bulk diesel fuel in Central Maine.

Murray-Heutz provides large commercial on-road/off-road diesel deliveries to clients of all kinds – from gas stations and government agencies to schools and corporations. We’ll help you do it for less with great prices and high-volume discounts.

Let our unmatched fleet of trucks and expert drivers bring you the high-quality, low-sulfur diesel fuels you need – at competitive diesel prices.

We are your go-to guys if you’re looking to buy off-road diesel for construction, generators and other uses. We’ll fill all of your on-road diesel fuel needs, too! For more information about commercial diesel fuel delivery services in Turner, Lewiston, Auburn, Mechanic Falls and surrounding communities, call our office or contact us today.