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heating equipment Augusta, ME As homeowners, ensuring a warm and cost-effective home environment is paramount, especially during those chilly months. Your home heating equipment plays a vital role in this, but like any other appliance, it has a lifespan.

Your heating system isn’t just a component of your home; it’s the heart of comfort during cold snaps and frosty evenings. However, it’s often not until a serious malfunction occurs that many homeowners realize the importance of their heating systems. Knowing when to replace your heating equipment is crucial for continuous comfort, energy efficiency, and safety.

Murray-Heutz is your complete heating services provider with expert heating system installation and service, along with dependable delivery of heating oil and propane.

Let’s go over the signs that indicate the need for new heating equipment, the benefits of upgrading, and what homeowners should consider before making the investment.

Signs of aging heating equipment: Recognizing the red flags

Like all mechanical devices, heating systems show signs of wear and tear. Here are some of the telltale signs that your heating apparatus may be nearing the end of its useful life:

High energy bills: An increase in energy bills can be a clear indicator that your heating system is losing its efficiency. As the system ages, it often requires more energy to produce the same amount of heat.

Uneven heating: If some rooms in your house are too hot while others remain iceboxes, your heating system may no longer be able to distribute heat evenly. This variance can be both uncomfortable and inefficient.

Frequent repairs: Are you on a first-name basis with the heating repair service? If so, it might be time to consider whether the cost of repairs would be better invested in new equipment.

Strange noises: Bumps, rattles, and groans emanating from your heating system could signal internal problems, indicating that components are worn out and unable to function correctly.

Outdated technology: Heating technology improves over time, offering more efficient and eco-friendly options. Clinging to outdated technology could mean you’re missing out on savings and advancements in heating solutions.

Benefits of upgrading: Investing in home comfort

While the initial cost can be a hurdle, the benefits of upgrading your heating system can be substantial.

Improved energy efficiency: New heating systems are designed with the latest technologies to consume less energy while providing the same, if not better, comfort levels.

Cost savings: Reduced energy consumption directly translates into lower utility bills. Over time, these savings can offset the cost of the initial investment in new heating equipment.

Enhanced comfort: New heating systems offer superior air distribution and temperature control, ensuring every room in your home remains comfortable during the colder periods.

Better air quality: Modern heating systems come with improved filtration and ventilation capabilities, contributing to healthier indoor air quality for you and your family.

Considerations before replacing: Making an informed decision

Age of your current heating system: The typical lifespan of a well-maintained heating system can range from 15 to 20 years. If yours is within or past this range, considering replacement is wise.

Cost of replacement: Evaluate both the short-term and long-term financial implications of replacing your heating system. Although there’s an upfront cost, the long-term savings can be significant.

Energy efficiency ratings: Pay attention to energy efficiency ratings such as the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). Higher ratings often lead to more savings.

Be proactive about your home heating and embrace the peace of mind that comes with a reliable, efficient, and modern heating system from Murray-Heutz. After all, your home is your sanctuary — make sure it’s a warm one. Contact us today to request service.

Get the best in professional furnace and boiler maintenance service from Murray-Heutz!

home heating Winter weather has been doing a number on Central Maine. How’s your home heating system holding up?

Home heating systems should get an annual maintenance tune-up, ideally before each heating season. But even though we’re already in January, it’s not too late! Getting a heating system tune-up now will help keep your heating system running smooth no matter how long winter weather sticks around.

Why are boiler and furnace tune-ups important?

Having a professional service technician perform maintenance on your furnace or boiler offers four distinct advantages.

Prevent heating system breakdowns: Did you know that regular maintenance for your home heating system can help you avoid costly repair bills? In fact, four out of five of the jobs we handle could have been prevented with regular, professional maintenance. By having our skilled team perform a furnace or boiler tune-up, not only do you ensure the smooth operation of your system, but you also give us the opportunity to conduct a comprehensive inspection. During this inspection, we can identify and resolve potential issues before they escalate into major problems, thereby preventing unexpected breakdowns or expensive repairs.

Keep your heating system energy efficient: To optimize the energy efficiency of your boiler or furnace, it is crucial to schedule regular professional maintenance. By enhancing the efficiency of your home heating system, you can potentially save up to 10% on your heating bill. Given that home heating expenses typically constitute around half of your home’s winter energy costs, the potential savings can be quite substantial!

Help your furnace or boiler last longer: Your home’s furnace or boiler is a major investment. Regular maintenance of heating systems significantly extends their lifespan when compared to systems that are neglected. As a result, you can delay the necessity of a replacement and ultimately maximize your return on investment.

Keep the warranty valid: To uphold your warranty, most manufacturers mandate annual professional servicing of your home heating system. Failing to adhere to these tune-ups can lead to warranty invalidation and leave you accountable for expensive repairs down the line. Prioritizing regular maintenance is vital to safeguard your warranty and steer clear of unforeseen expenses.

A Murray-Heutz service plan offers extra protection for your furnace or boiler

Even with regular maintenance, home heating systems can occasionally experience malfunctions. Rest assured, we’re here to provide you with protection against hefty repair expenses.

An affordable Murray-Heutz service plan provides homeowners with an additional layer of protection and peace of mind. In addition to the annual maintenance tune-up, this comprehensive plan covers not only many parts and labor costs for repairs, but also offers priority service. Moreover, you have the flexibility to include your home’s water heater in the plan, ensuring that all your essential systems are well taken care of. With a Murray-Heutz service plan, you can enjoy the peace of mind and confidence of knowing that your home’s heating system is in good hands.

Don’t let another cold snap go by without getting your home’s heating system a tune-up from Murray-Heutz! Contact us today to schedule your tune-up and to ask about our service plans.

Rely on Murray-Heutz for your diesel fueling needs

diesel fuel Androscoggin, me Whether you’re a business that relies on fleet vehicles, a construction or paving company with diesel fueled equipment, a school district with a fleet of buses, or any other business that uses diesel-powered vehicles or equipment, diesel fueling is a big part of your operations.

Murray-Heutz offers dependable diesel delivery for both on-road diesel and off-road diesel, customized to your needs.

By minimizing or eliminating the need for refueling off-site, your drivers can devote their attention to accomplishing more tasks. Our on-site delivery of on-road and off-road diesel fuels eliminates the hassle of managing receipts and fuel card accounts for you and your team. Instead, you can redirect the time saved towards enhancing operations and devising innovative strategies to foster business growth.

Experience precise tracking and monitoring of fuel consumption for your fleet vehicles. With this invaluable data at your fingertips, you can accurately anticipate your fuel requirements, ensuring you never run out when you need it most. This seamless fuel management enhances efficiency and empowers you to make well-informed decisions. Furthermore, enjoy the added benefits of competitive and transparent fuel pricing, free from the unpredictable rates of retail gasoline and diesel filling stations.

Tips for cutting fleet fueling costs

Schedule regular maintenance for your fleet vehicles: Proper maintenance of vehicles is crucial for ensuring optimal efficiency in your fleet. Regular tasks like oil changes and tune-ups not only help save money on fuel costs but also provide significant benefits. For example, according to the U.S. Department of Energy’s research, a well-tuned vehicle can achieve an average increase of 4% in gas mileage. So, make sure to prioritize vehicle maintenance to maximize performance and fuel economy.

Boosting your fleet’s fuel economy can be accomplished by implementing synthetic oil. With its superior flow characteristics and ability to reduce friction, synthetic oil provides an efficient solution.

By implementing a carefully devised preventive maintenance program, you guarantee that your vehicles consistently function at their peak performance levels. This proactive approach ensures optimal operational efficiency and minimizes costly disruptions.

When considering maintenance, it’s crucial not to overlook the importance of tire care. Vehicles with tires inflated at only 75% of the recommended pressure can consume up to 3% more fuel. Inflating tires at just 50% of the recommended pressure level can lead to a staggering 10% increase in fuel consumption. Therefore, paying attention to tire inflation is not only essential for fuel efficiency but also for overall vehicle performance.

Regularly checking tire pressure for your fleet not only improves your cost-per-mile, but also proactively prevents unsafe situations. Making tire pressure a mandatory component of every driver’s pre-trip safety check is a wise and recommended practice.

This practice includes monitoring the vehicle’s tire pressure monitoring system and performing visual inspections to identify any potential issues that might have been overlooked by the electronic equipment.

Use GPS to improve your fleet’s fuel efficiency: If your fleet drivers are frequently navigating your community throughout the day, and often covering the same area multiple times, it is crucial to enhance the efficiency of your fleet routes. One effective way to achieve this is by leveraging GPS tracking technology. This will not only optimize your fleet’s performance but also improve overall productivity.

Efficiently optimizing routes not only streamlines your operations, but also empowers you to effectively serve a larger customer base. By eliminating unnecessary back-and-forth driving, your drivers can wholeheartedly focus on delivering exceptional service. Moreover, this increased efficiency leads to significant fuel cost savings and reduces the frequency of maintenance, ultimately maximizing the productivity of your fleet routes.

Route optimization also operates by considering timing. By promoting off-peak driving, it becomes possible to minimize fuel consumption and maximize fuel and driver efficiency.

With dependable on-road and off-road diesel fuel services from Murray-Heutz, your fleet will always have the fuel it needs. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

Murray-Heutz is your commercial propane go-to!

bulk propane Androscoggin county, me Murray-Heutz takes pride in being the trusted commercial propane delivery provider for a wide variety of businesses in Central Maine. Our valued clientele spans across diverse industries including healthcare, construction, and more.

Propane commercial standby generators play a vital role in providing continuous power supply to various establishments such as healthcare facilities, nursing homes, rehab centers, assisted living facilities, apartment buildings, grocery stores, and office buildings. These generators ensure uninterrupted operations for businesses and are supported by our reliable bulk propane delivery service, guaranteeing a sufficient fuel supply to meet their needs.

Propane for construction

Temporary heating offers more than comfort and safety to your employees; it provides invaluable support for specific projects or materials. Below, we have outlined several ways in which temporary heating can expedite the progress of your construction or renovation project, ensuring it stays on schedule. By doing so, it not only safeguards your business’s bottom line but also that of your subcontractors.

Propane for hospitality

Maine isn’t called Vacationland for nothing. In 2022, tourists spent more than $8.6 billion and supported over 151,000 jobs.

Propane plays a vital role in the operations of diverse hospitality businesses, such as hotels, restaurants, bed-and-breakfasts, inns, event centers, golf courses, resorts, and more. These establishments depend on propane for a wide range of purposes, ensuring seamless and efficient operations throughout their premises.

Propane-powered clothes dryers are widely favored for their capacity to dry large laundry loads, including linens, a remarkable 25% faster than electric dryers. This not only reduces wear and minimizes wrinkles but also greatly enhances the efficiency of housekeeping staff while lowering energy costs.

Propane is a valuable resource for restaurants, event centers, and other commercial kitchens in the region. By utilizing propane ranges and grills, these establishments can achieve precise and immediate temperature control, leading to the preparation of exceptional meals. Additionally, propane powers essential equipment such as deep fryers, broilers, and warming stations, further enhancing the overall energy efficiency of these establishments. With its high-efficiency water heating capabilities, propane proves to be an indispensable asset.

Propane presents an exceptional opportunity to enhance outdoor experiences. By incorporating propane fireplaces and firepits, outdoor gatherings become even more delightful. Embrace the warmth during colder weather with the use of propane deck and patio heaters, enabling your guests to enjoy dining outside comfortably. Moreover, propane grills offer versatile cooking options, amplifying your culinary adventures.

Propane for agriculture

Agriculture is an essential part of the economy here in Maine. There are more than 7,600 farms in the state, comprising more than 1.3 million acres. Here are some other facts about Maine agriculture:

Being a locally based business, Murray-Heutz has a profound grasp of the distinct requirements of farmers and agriculture-related enterprises. This intimate knowledge sets us apart from national propane companies, allowing us to offer customized solutions that precisely meet the needs of our valued commercial propane customers.

Propane plays a vital role in various applications on local farms, offering dependable and energy-efficient heating solutions for barns, poultry houses, greenhouses, and other agricultural structures. Its versatility and reliability make it an invaluable resource for enhancing productivity and maintaining optimal conditions in farming operations.

Propane-powered flame sanitizers are utilized in poultry houses to eliminate bacteria, fungus, and other pathogens from the poultry litter and floor using intense heat. This method not only guarantees effective sanitation but also eliminates the problem of viruses, bacteria, and fungus developing resistance, which is a common issue with chemical sanitizers.

Propane offers farms an alternative method for weed control through flame treatment. This approach is not only faster and safer but also more environmentally friendly compared to the use of chemical herbicides.

Count on the experts at Murray-Heutz to provide customized bulk propane delivery and services for your Central Maine business! Contact us today for a consultation.

Separate facts from political hype

gas stoves Androscoggin county, me Given recent headlines raising concerns about the safety of gas stoves, you might find yourself questioning the safety of your current propane stove or reconsidering your plans to purchase one.

In addition to the news headlines, there is a rapid circulation of gossip on social media suggesting that the federal government is planning to prohibit the sale and usage of gas stoves, including those that are powered by propane.

Let’s address the unfounded rumor right away: there is no plan to take away your gas stove. The intention of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is simply to gather insights from you and the public regarding any potential risks associated with these stoves. This government agency is solely dedicated to ensuring consumer safety and has no intention of taking away products that people rely on daily in their homes.

In a January 11 statement, CPSC Chair Alexander Hoehn-Saric said, “I am not looking to ban gas stoves and the CPSC has no proceeding to do so.”

Now, let us examine the information that has been distributed through both conventional and partisan media platforms.

All types of indoor cooking present hazards

Research has long warned about the potential hazards of indoor cooking. Whether using a gas stovetop, electric range, or wood-burning stove, all cooking methods release particulate matter (PM) into the air of your home.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has clarified that PM, also known as particulate matter, refers to tiny solid or liquid particles that can be inhaled into the lungs, causing significant health risks.

When cooking steak in a pan on the stovetop, searing produces smoke that contains particulate matter. Inhaling this smoky air is not healthy, so it’s important to maintain a healthy kitchen environment. Indoor air quality specialists recommend using range hoods to effectively vent out the contaminated particles. If you don’t have a range hood, simply opening a window near the cooking area can greatly improve ventilation.

Propane and natural gas are not the same

There is growing concern about the rising levels of anxiety surrounding the release of methane from various sources of natural gas, including not only cooking stoves. This is a worrisome development due to the fact that methane is an incredibly potent greenhouse gas and makes up the majority of natural gas composition.
However, it’s important to note that propane is not classified as a greenhouse gas since it doesn’t contain methane.

Here’s another instance highlighting the impact of not distinguishing between these two fuels on public perception. The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health published the findings of a recent study, revealing that 12.7% of current pediatric asthma cases can be attributed to the use of gas stoves.

Once again, the researchers failed to distinguish between propane and natural gas stoves. Instead, they simply referred to them as “gas stoves,” without acknowledging or perhaps even recognizing the disparities between the two.

With dependable propane delivery and service from Murray-Heutz, you can enjoy the benefits of propane in your Central Maine home, including cooking with gas! Become a customer today.

Stay warm and comfy this winter with heating system maintenance from Murray-Heutz!

heating equipment service Androscoggin county, me As autumn unfolds, our service department experiences an increase in activity. Therefore, Murray-Heutz strongly encourages our customers to reach out to us promptly to arrange an annual heating maintenance for their home’s heating equipment, ensuring optimal performance before the arrival of colder temperatures.

Scheduling your tune-up appointment sooner will make it easier to find a time that suits your schedule. It will also help reduce your wait time.

A tune-up is a comprehensive process that involves cleaning, inspecting, and preparing your home’s heating equipment. Its purpose is to ensure that your home remains safe and warm throughout the upcoming fall and winter seasons. During a tune-up, our skilled service technicians perform a series of tasks to optimize the performance of your furnace or boiler.

Another great investment in your home’s furnace or boiler is the affordable Murray-Heutz service plans! Not only do they include an annual tune-up for your heating system, but many parts and labor costs for repairs are covered as well!

Why heating system tune-ups are essential

Ensuring regular, professional servicing for your heating equipment is a wise decision that offers numerous advantages. These are some of the benefits you will undoubtedly appreciate!

Preventing breakdowns: Did you know that more than 80% of heating system repair jobs can be prevented with professional maintenance? That makes annual tune-ups a smart and cost-effective measure to maintain your boiler or furnace. Trust the expertise of Murra-Heutz’s seasoned service technicians to spare you from expensive repair bills. Our comprehensive heating system tune-up not only includes essential maintenance but also entails a thorough inspection to address minor issues before they escalate into major problems.

Lowering your energy costs: Ensuring proper maintenance of your heating system not only brings ultimate comfort to your home but also conserves energy. By doing so, you can maximize efficiency and performance, resulting in significant reductions in winter heating bills. This not only keeps you comfortable but also leaves more money in your pocket.

Protecting your investment: Your home’s heating system is a valuable asset, contributing to its comfort and warmth. Therefore, prioritizing proper maintenance is crucial. By doing so, not only will you enhance the efficiency of your heating system, but you will also reduce the wear and tear on parts, ultimately extending its lifespan. Investing time and effort in maintenance today will yield long-term benefits, allowing you to maximize the performance of your system and avoid premature replacement.

Keeping the warranty intact: To maintain the validity of your heating system’s warranty, it is often necessary to schedule an annual professional tune-up as stipulated by many manufacturers. By consistently investing in regular maintenance, you can prevent the burden of costly repairs resulting from a voided warranty. Safeguard your investments and ensure their protection by staying diligent with routine maintenance.

Be ready no matter when cold weather arrives by contacting Murray-Heutz today to schedule your heating system’s annual tune-up. And don’t forget to ask about our service plans!

Trust Murray-Heutz with your commercial fueling needs!

kerosene Androscoggin county, me There are a lot of fuels made from crude oil, with many applications. Knowing about these fuels is essential if you use them for your Central Maine business.

With 80 years of experience in the energy industry, we at Murray-Heutz possess the knowledge and expertise to cater to your company’s unique commercial fuels requirements. Count on us to provide you with high-quality products and dependable service. We recognize the significance of these fuels for businesses in Central Maine, and we are ready to leverage our understanding and expertise to benefit your company. Put us to work to support your business!

Murray-Heutz provides exceptional and personalized delivery services for kerosene, diesel fuels (both on- and off-road), and gasoline to a wide range of businesses. Our commitment to excellence ensures your fuel needs are met with efficiency and reliability.

When you choose us, you can expect more than just reliability. You’ll experience excellent communication, competitive pricing, and complete transparency when it comes to fuel costs.

Crude oil, also known as petroleum, is the beginning of all these fuels. It contains aliphatic hydrocarbons, which are hydrocarbons made of only hydrogen and carbon. How do you derive gasoline, diesel fuels, and kerosene, along with fuels such as propane and heating oil, from crude oil? Heat. Each fuel has a different boiling point. The lighter fuels such as propane have a lower boiling point and are extracted first. Heavier fuels like heating oil and lubricants have a higher boiling point and are extracted later. The boiling points, however, may vary based on the hydrocarbons found in the fuel and the crude oil feed, among other factors.

Let’s go over the fuels we carry, and how they are different from each other.

Diesel fuels

Diesel fuels are produced during the intermediate stage of distillation, bearing a resemblance to oil. Compared to gasoline, diesel requires less refining, making it generally more affordable.

This versatile fuel is used for the transportation industry as well as for off-road equipment like backhoes, bulldozers, and large commercial generators like those used by hospitals.


Gasoline is a liquid fuel primarily utilized in spark-ignited internal combustion engines such as those used for cars and equipment such as portable generators and lawn mowers. It boasts a low boiling point, while kerosene exhibits a moderate boiling point and diesel fuels possess a higher boiling point.


Kerosene offers a cleaner burn compared to other heating fuels, making it an ideal choice for winter use as it doesn’t gel. Not only does it provide a long-lasting burn, but it also proves to be cost-efficient, making it a favored option.

It is often blended with heating oil to create what is called a Winter Blend, which is made for homes in very cold areas with outdoor heating oil tanks. The added kerosene prevents the blend from gelling.

Get dependable commercial fuel services from Murray-Heutz! Contact us today for a consultation.

How Murray-Heutz helps your Central Maine business control diesel costs

diesel prices Androscoggin county, me The cost-effectiveness of diesel fuel for certain vehicles or applications can be attributed to the fuel efficiency of diesel engines when compared to gasoline engines.

However, the prices of diesel fuel are subject to fluctuations due to various reasons. To understand the current situation with diesel pricing, let’s examine it more closely.

What factors impact diesel fuel prices?

There are several factors that contribute to an increase in diesel fuel prices, such as worldwide demand, production expenses, taxes, and government policies.

Supply and demand: Generally, diesel fuel prices tend to rise when global demand increases or when production costs increase. Diesel fuel demand is currently increasing due to increased global economic activity and the need for transportation. Additionally, the demand for diesel fuel is expected to continue to rise in the coming years as the global economy continues to grow.

The world’s diesel fuel supply is currently adequate to meet global demand. However, supply disruptions due to geopolitical tensions and other factors can cause supply to become tight, resulting in higher prices.

Taxes and regulations: Taxes and regulations both affect the cost of diesel fuel by increasing the cost of production, making diesel fuel more expensive for consumers. Regulations can include environmental regulations, safety regulations, and other regulations that increase the cost of production. The federal excise tax for diesel fuel is higher than that for gasoline at 24.4 cents and 18.4 cents per gallon, respectively, in the United States. Some states also have their own diesel fuel taxes.

Refining, production, and distribution costs: The process of refining crude oil into diesel fuel incurs costs, including refining, transportation, and distribution. If these costs increase, such as due to maintenance or upgrades at refineries, it can contribute to higher diesel fuel prices. Additionally, the cost of labor and other overhead costs can also affect the production costs of crude oil, which in turn contributes to the rise in diesel fuel prices. From 2006 to 2014, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) gradually implemented stricter sulfur regulations for diesel fuel in order to reduce emissions. According to the new standards, diesel fuel can contain no more than 15 parts per million of sulfur, a significant decrease from the pre-2006 standard of 5,000 ppm. This change has positively impacted air quality and the environment, but it has also increased refining costs for diesel.

What’s the relationship between crude oil and diesel fuel prices?

The price of crude oil is currently rising due to increased global demand, supply disruptions, and geopolitical tensions. Additionally, the US dollar exchange rate can also have an impact on diesel prices. More recently, the U.S. dollar has weakened, which contributed to the rise in crude oil prices.

What does this mean for diesel customers? Diesel fuel is a blend of refined crude oil and biomass materials. In other words, because diesel fuel is produced by refining crude oil, the price of diesel fuel is directly affected by the cost of crude oil. Diesel has a lower yield than gasoline when produced from crude oil. One barrel of crude oil can only produce 11 to 12 gallons of diesel, whereas 19 to 20 gallons of gasoline can be produced.

The Murray-Heutz difference

If your Central Maine business uses diesel-powered vehicles and equipment, you know how important it is to have reliable diesel fuel delivery and service to avoid budget constraints and ensure successful completion of all your work.

While we cannot control production costs, taxes, and diesel demand that impact pricing, our on-road and off-road diesel fuel services can still help improve your business’s efficiency and productivity. By doing so, your bottom line improves.

At Murray-Heutz, we highly value our partnerships and strive to provide more than just competitive prices. Our focus is on providing actual value to our commercial customers. We offer hassle-free delivery of bulk diesel fuel directly to your business or job site.

We are a local business providing diesel fuel services that larger national firms cannot offer. We take pride in offering personalized and prompt services. If you need emergency fuel delivery or want to adjust your fuel supply, we are here to help.

Get the dependable diesel fuel services your Central Maine business deserves. Contact Murray-Heutz today to set up a consultation.

Murray-Heutz makes your home better with our propane services

propane appliances Androscoggin, me From Gardiner to Greenwood, many of your neighbors in Central Maine are making the switch to propane. They are doing this because propane offers many benefits that can improve life at home while helping them save money.

Murray-Heutz offers safe, reliable, and responsive propane delivery services and expert installation and servicing of propane appliances. This enables you to enjoy the money-saving benefits and amenities provided by propane in your home throughout the year.

Enjoy superior comfort AND saving money!

Did you know that modern propane appliances are extremely efficient, with an average efficiency rating of over 90% and some reaching up to 98%? This means that nearly all of the money spent on propane (up to 98 cents per dollar) will go towards running the appliance, with only a small amount (2 cents per dollar) being lost during combustion.

Compared to electric appliances, propane appliances are typically 40% to 60% less expensive to run.

Using a propane water heater can significantly lower your energy expenses in multiple ways. For instance, they are more efficient compared to electric water heaters, heating more than twice the amount of water in the same timeframe, and can save you 30% on energy costs. With a propane tankless water heater, you can have an unlimited supply of hot water while enjoying a reduction of up to 40% in your water heating expenses.

Propane clothes dryers can save you money and make laundry day easier. They dry your laundry 25% faster than electric dryers, resulting in lower energy costs. Also, the clothes come out with fewer wrinkles and less wear, which means they last longer and may not need to be ironed. Who wouldn’t want to spend less time ironing?

Enhance your home life with propane

Propane is a great option for your home because it offers various advantages in addition to cost savings.

With propane tankless water heaters, you can enjoy a continuous supply of hot water, allowing multiple appliances like a shower and a dishwasher to be used simultaneously. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the failure of the water storage tank which could potentially lead to costly home damage.

If you’re a foodie, propane is great! A propane gas range allows for better and instantaneous temperature control compared to an electric range, which can improve the quality of your meals.

Improve your backyard experience by using propane outdoor appliances. You can connect your propane grill to your home’s propane tank and have the freedom to grill whenever you like. With propane, it’s possible to build your ideal outdoor kitchen! By using propane pool and spa heaters, you can rapidly heat your pool or spa and spend less on energy compared to electric heaters. Plus, propane firepits and outdoor fireplaces can make your backyard cozy and enjoyable, even on cooler nights.

You can’t beat Murray-Heutz when it comes to dependable propane delivery and quality, courteous service. Become a customer today!

Murray-Heutz helps protect your investment

hvac service Androscoggin county, maine With the gorgeous spring weather we’ve been having lately here in Maine, you probably are not thinking about your home’s furnace, boiler, or water heater very much.

However, you should! That’s because with a little thought and planning now, you can avoid the stress, hassle, and expenses that come if your home’s heating system or water heater break down, especially big repair bills or replacement costs.

You can lower your risk of that while protecting your equipment and potentially extending its lifespan with a service plan from Murray-Heutz!

We have multiple affordable service plans to choose from to best suit your needs and your budget. All of our service plans include priority service, coverage or discounts on repair services, and $25 in Loyalty Rewards. Our Easy Comfort Plan bundles together service plans for your heating system, water heater, and pool heater!

In addition to those benefits mentioned, our service plans offer more benefits. Keep reading for further details.

Your equipment gets proper care

Every Murray-Heutz service plan includes an annual tune-up that helps keep your home’s heating and water heating equipment running at peak performance. Our experienced repair staff will check, clean, and lubricate all components of your equipment and replace any worn-out components.

If you sign up for Murray-Heutz’s service plan and receive an annual tune-up, you can avoid worsening problems and costly repairs by allowing the technicians to identify and fix any issues during the tune-up.

You lower your energy costs

Our service plans aim to help you reduce expenses on your heating and water heating equipment, not just by avoiding major repair costs.

Properly maintaining your heating and water heating equipment helps them operate at their best efficiency, allowing you to use less power while still maintaining your desired level of comfort. By achieving greater efficiency, you can reduce your energy costs for your heating system and water heater by 10% or more. Note that during the winter, heating costs make up around 50% of your home’s energy expenses, while water heating costs make up about 20% of the total annual energy expenses. Therefore, you can save a substantial amount of money.

If you maintain your heating and water heating equipment well, you won’t have to replace them as often, which means greater return on investment due to their longer lifespan.

If you need to make repairs, our service plans can help. The plan covers a lot of parts and the cost for labor. That may help lower the cost of those repairs.

Your warranty is protected

Many warranties for heating systems and water heaters now require an annual service by a trained professional. By scheduling yearly tune-ups, you can maintain your warranty and potentially avoid costly repairs in the future.

Now is a great time to enroll in a Murray-Heutz service plan and get your heating and water heating equipment the tune-up it needs to keep your home comfortable. Contact us today to get started!



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