“Yeah, I’ve got a guy…”

Posted: June 30, 2017

How do you choose a company to provide your propane or heating oil – or install a heating system – when there are so many local options to choose from?

Many times you make that choice based on the word of a friend – or testimonials on a website. But it’s important to remember that those opinions were based on personal experience – an interaction with someone, good or bad, that leaves an impression.

That’s why we work hard every day to make your experience with Murray-Heutz a personal one, whether we’re talking on the phone or making a house call for a repair. We don’t ever want to be an anonymous voice on a messaging service, because that’s not how you treat a neighbor.

The bottom line: we want you to have the kind of trust that comes from knowing you’ll always be working with someone who is not only great at what they do, but also someone you’ll find shopping at the local market.

That way, when your friends ask you to recommend a fuel company or HVAC contractor, you’ll simply say, ”yeah, I’ve got a guy…”