When Temperatures Drop, What Happens To My Propane?

Posted: November 2, 2020

does propane freeze maine

Winter is right around the corner. If you have an aboveground propane tank and you rely on propane to heat your home or to power your appliances—or both—you might be wondering what issues may arise when the temperature drops.

In January, low temperatures easily dip below freezing—and that’s without an arctic or mid-northwestern blast, which we know is bound to happen once in a while. So what does that mean for your aboveground propane tank?

While it sure does get cold in Turner, ME, we’re happy to report that your propane will not freeze—propane’s freezing point is -306.4 degrees Fahrenheit. With that in mind, your propane is safe from freezing—or liquifying (which will happen once it’s lower than -44 degrees)—in an aboveground tank 365 days a year, here in Maine.

Keep reading—you’re not off the hook yet!

While it’s true that your propane supply will not freeze, it’s worth noting that propane can reveal the effects of very cold temperatures. When the air is cold, propane contracts. This diminishes the volume of propane in your tank, along with the volume, the pressure plummets. If the pressure gets too low, your propane won’t be able to reach the gas burner, and then will be unable to power your furnace, boiler or other appliances.

Propane Tank Handling Hints For Cold Weather

Here are a few tips for avoiding issues caused by low propane pressure:

And here are a few additional tips to help ensure you have a smooth winter when it comes to propane!

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