6 Tips For Water Heater Safety

Posted: May 3, 2021

water heater repair maineThis may come as a surprise: Water heaters account for about one out of every 10 fires started by home heating devices, according to a home heating study conducted by the National Fire Protection Association. That’s not to say they are inherently dangerous, but operating a water heater inside your Maine home requires a bit of learning and taking sensible precautions. These 6 tips will help you reduce the risk in your home when you’re operating your water heater.

  1. Keep up with your annual water heater tune-up. Annual maintenance is important and should not wait until you have a breakdown. Getting professional service once a year will give our technicians a chance to detect or prevent problems that could become much worse—and dangerous—if neglected.
  2. Don’t try a D-I-Y approach with water heater maintenance. For your safety and for the well-being of your system, please contact us to help you if you are having an issue or if you need a water heater tune-up.
  3. Keep anything flammable far away from your water heater. If you have oily rags, paint-related products, or really anything flammable, it’s important to keep it as far away as possible from your water heater to avoid a flashback fire, which ignites in the presence of fumes that are flammable.
  4. Clear debris away from the area around your water heater, or better yet, keep it clear in the first place! Water heaters need space for the pilot light and assembly to work properly. This includes airflow, which clutter and debris can disrupt. Ventilation is key, so do everything you can to ensure that your water heater has proper ventilation.
  5. Understand how to shut your water heater down, in case of emergency. In the event that you smell gas or discover a gas leak, it’s important that you know how to turn off your system. Please consult your owner’s manual, which you can probably find online if you don’t have it handy. If the instructions are not clear, please contact us for instructions and we’ll be happy to help.
  6. Consider an upgrade. If your water heater has not been well maintained or if you’ve had it for many years, it may be time for an upgrade. The latest water heaters are the safest they have ever been, and their energy efficiency will also lead to lowered bills—immediately! In fact, you could offset the cost of a new water heater in just a few years, based on the savings you’ll see on your monthly energy expenses!

At Murray-Heutz Oil and Propane, your safety is our priority! Schedule your water heater tune-up or inspection today, or contact us for an estimate on an upgrade. We look forward to helping you out!
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