Warning Signs That Your Furnace May Be at Risk

Posted: December 20, 2021

What to look for

furnace repair maineWhile there aren’t many certainties in life, one of the few is that people in Central Maine use their furnaces in the winter. That means that you are going to want the comfort and reassurance that your furnace is working efficiently and will last all through the winter season.

So how can you be sure that your furnace is up for the job?

If you’re experiencing any of the below with your current furnace, they may be warning signs that your equipment is at risk and may need to be replaced or repaired.

While furnaces, like any other household appliance, experience wear and tear over time, require routine maintenance and do need to be replaced, certain problems could be the results of poor furnace installation, which can put you at risk.

Poor Furnace Installation

An improperly installed furnace can result in gas leaks, electrical issues due to faulty wiring, the system not working efficiently and issues with air quality. All of these problems put you and your home family at risk.

If you are having trouble with your furnace due to poor installation or otherwise, Murray-Heutz can help. Our licensed technicians are ready to service and install your heating equipment the right way. Call us today to let us know how we can help!