Upgrade Your Summer With Propane Power!

Posted: May 29, 2018

Outdoor patio fire pit

Ready or not (I think most of us fall into the “ready” category), summer 2018 is nearly upon us, with Memorial Day Weekend behind us and the official start of the season coming later in June.

Fortunately, that still gives you time to make some awesome propane powered upgrades for your outdoor space!

With a little thought and creativity, propane can making your backyard your family’s favorite summer hangout spot. Consider these propane possibilities:

  1. A propane fire pit or fire table – Nothing gathers people like a cozy fire under the stars. With a propane fire pit or fire table, you’ll get that fire at the touch of the button, allowing you to set the mood in your outdoor entertainment space without the hassles of wood fire set-up or clean-up.
  2. A propane smoker – Imagine getting the delicious flavor of a smoker without having to constantly monitor your fire pit or barbecue; that’s what you get with a compact propane-fired smoker. Just set it and forget it…and say goodbye to sooty deposits on your food.
  3. Propane mosquito magnets – Let’s face it: mosquitos suck, and so do most mosquito traps. But with a propane mosquito magnet, you’ll keep the buzzing beasties away without the harsh smells or nasty sounds of conventional candles and electric zappers.
  4. Propane lighting – Propane light fixtures cost pennies per hour to operate and can be found to match almost any outdoor décor – from classic brass to modern aluminum with post, pedestal, or wall mounts. And who doesn’t love the flickering glow of a flame?
  5. A propane pool heater – Few things are more frustrating than wanting to swim but skipping your laps because it’s just too darn cold. With a propane pool heater, a cool night or morning will never be a problem. They work quickly and efficiently, allowing you to swim comfortably night and morning – right into the fall.
  6. A propane space or patio heater – Propane patio heaters can really take the edge off those unexpectedly cool summer (or even autumn) nights. With freestanding, table mount, and wall-mounted models available, you’ll find just the right patio heater for your needs and budget – and one that will keep your family warm even during a power outage.

Upgrade your summer with propane equipment – powered by propane deliveries from Murray-Heutz! Contact us today to learn more – or to get a FREE, no obligation estimate on propane equipment for your Maine home.