Propane Water Heaters: Why Make The Switch?

Posted: March 15, 2021

water heater conversion maineFrom relaxing in a hot bath or shower to keeping our dishes and clothes clean, we need a good supply of hot water every day of the year. What is a “good” supply? It’s one that doesn’t run the risk of running out. It reaches your desired temperature quickly. And it gets these jobs done with minimal impact on the environment and without breaking the bank. What’s the best way to accomplish all of this? Propane.

If you have an electric water heater in your Central Maine home, now’s the time to think about switching to propane with Murray-Heutz. Here are three reasons why switching from electric to a propane water heater is the right move for you.

Propane: The Right Choice For Your Water Heater

  1. Performance. Have you ever had to wait what felt like ages for your electric water heater to warm your water up only to have it turn cold again after just a few minutes? With a propane water heater, you’ll get double the hot water in the same amount of time. And if you decide to install a tankless propane water heater, the supply will be virtually endless.
  2. Cost. About 20% of home energy costs are related to heating water. While propane water heaters cost more up front, they cost almost 30% less than their electric counterparts to operate. And propane tankless water heaters offer even better results, costing about 50% less than electric water heaters cost to operate. Your dollar in purchasing a propane tankless water heater will also go further as the average time you’ll get is about 6 to 8 years longer than what you’ll get with electric.
  3. Environmental impact. As we continue the effort to minimize our carbon footprint, the option of propane over electric becomes increasingly sensible. A propane tankless water heater can reduce carbon emissions from your water heating by about 50%.

Propane Delivery Near You

When you install a propane water heater, you’ll need to set up propane delivery. We offer automatic delivery, which is the approach we recommend, as well as will call. With automatic delivery, we also offer wireless propane tank monitoring with TankUtility.

Take advantage of all of the benefits of a propane water heater for your Central Maine home. Contact Murray-Heutz Oil & Propane to find out about the heating systems we service and sell.