Propane Safety During Severe Weather

Posted: July 18, 2022

Keep your home and loved ones safe with these tips

propane storm safetyA hot, muggy day here in Maine can trigger severe weather. We’re also vulnerable to hurricanes and tropical storms.

With so much potential for severe weather, it’s important to know all there is to know about propane safety so you can protect your family and home no matter what hits us next.

We’ve put together some important information and tips, so you are able to take care of things in the event of an electrical storm. 

Before a storm

Pay attention for any propane leaks. When you notice the distinct rotten-egg odor of propane, it’s an indication that there is propane gas leaking. Small propane leaks, particularly in inclement weather, can become worse and more dangerous.

Be informed and prepared. Every adult in your house should know how to turn off the gas main at your propane tank. It must be done if you need to evacuate your home. Shutting off the gas prevents any damaged tanks from causing a dangerous leak that could ignite.

During a storm

Be careful. While the storm hits, stay inside and as far away from electrical lines and conductive metals like your propane tank as possible. If you’re outdoors and a storm occurs, avoid areas under trees, poles, or other tall and conductive objects or structures. Pay attention to instructions from local authorities on possible evacuations.

After a storm

Inspect your property. If you can, go out of your house and check for trees or large limbs that have fallen. Keep an eye out for downed power lines that might damage your propane tank or put you and your family in danger.

Inspect propane appliances. Check for any damage, leaks, or other problems. When inspecting your propane appliances, don’t use candles because they might ignite the propane if a leak has occurred.

Contact us if there’s a problem. If you have any concerns about your propane tank, gas line, or propane appliances, contact us IMMEDIATELY. Our experienced service technicians will carefully inspect and test everything to make sure all components are working safely. If you smell gas, follow these propane safety directions without delay. 

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