Propane Safety In Severe Cold

Posted: December 7, 2020

propane winter safety maineWhile propane safety is important year-round, the coldest time of year brings with it specific challenges and potential threats that require your attention. Maximize propane safety for your family, your home and your tank this winter, using these helpful suggestions.

Prep Your Home For The Weather.

Clear any debris or snow from your chimney, flue and vents—this will prevent carbon monoxide from building up. Be sure to clear any snow from your propane tank. It should be away from piping, tank regulators, vents, tubes and valves. You can use a broom rather than a shovel, to prevent any unnecessary damage to your tank.

Check Your Propane Tank Gauge Regularly.

If you are low on propane and severe cold or snow is on the way, contact us right away for a home propane delivery. As a general rule, you should schedule your next delivery before your tank is down to 25%. And you can make the whole winter easier on yourself by signing up for Automatic Delivery! Once you’re enrolled in this free service, we’ll schedule your deliveries based on your usage patterns and the weather.

Check Your Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors.

On the propane safety front, your home should have at least one CO detector on each level—and there should be one outside every bedroom. Once a month, test them, and replace the batteries if necessary. Every five years, replace your CO detectors. And while a propane leak is unlikely, it’s also a good idea to install leak detectors.

Prepare Your Generator— Just In Case!

Once a month, run your propane generator for 20 minutes to keep all of the moving parts lubricated. Check to ensure that you have enough fuel to last at least a week. Don’t wait until a power outage to find out your generator is low on propane.

Follow Safety Guidelines For Propane-Powered Appliance Use.

Only use portable generators outside. Never use any outdoor propane appliances—including propane grills—in an enclosed space or inside. (This includes garage or carport spaces and sunporches.) On the inside, DO NOT use your propane-fueled stove for heating or any reason other than its intended purpose.

If you have an emergency, call us right away at 207-225-3000. Please do not email about an off-hours or immediate need.

Count on Murray-Heutz for reliable propane service for your home and a team that’s incredibly knowledgeable about propane safety for your Central Maine home.