How Does A Service Plan Save Money?

Posted: April 11, 2022

Protect yourself from big repair bills

service plans maineYour home’s HVAC and comfort equipment are major investments in your home. The service plans offered by Murray-Heutz help protect that investment.

Our service plans are affordable, with options for all budgets. In addition to heating systems, you can also get coverage for equipment such as water heaters and heating oil tanks.

What are average HVAC repair costs?

Every service plan includes an annual maintenance tune-up. Having your equipment get annual maintenance service helps it run at its best possible efficiency, meaning you’ll have lower energy costs.

During a tune-up, our trained and skilled service technicians also spot and fix problems before they get worse, helping to prevent breakdowns.

You also save with the discounts on repair services included in our service plans. Those discounts can cut the cost of repair jobs. Here are the national averages for repair costs.

There are other benefits of our service plans, including 24/7 emergency service and priority service, meaning your equipment will be fixed quickly in the event of a breakdown.

What can I get to protect my heating oil tank?

Heating oil tanks can be durable, but they don’t last forever. If your heating oil tank fails, you could be facing thousands of dollars in costs to not only replace your tank but also for cleaning up any spilled heating oil.

Our TankSure® heating oil tank protection plan includes an annual tank inspection so problems that could cause tank failure can be detected ahead of time. The inspection includes a treatment to reduce corrosion, helping your heating oil tank last longer. You also get a $1,800 tank replacement warranty.

Loyalty Dollar$ help you save

For each year you purchase a Murray-Heutz service plan, our Loyalty Dollar$ program means that you earn $25 that can be used for the replacement of your home’s heating and comfort equipment, up to $500. Here’s how much you can save for each replacement.

boiler or furnace: $350
generator: $250
heating oil tank: $200
air handler: $200
oil burner: $100
water heater: $100
propane gas log sets: $100

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