Save With Propane This Winter! Here Are 5 Ways.

Posted: November 16, 2020

save home energy maineWinter is on the way—and we’ve had more than a few days that felt like it has already arrived here in Central Maine. As the temperatures drop, you may expect that your propane usage—and your bills—will increase. While this is often the case, it doesn’t have to be! We’re here with a few tips to help you use energy more efficiently in your propane-fueled home, and as a result, save money!

Home Efficiency That Saves Money

  • Replace your air filter. Replaceable air filters should be replaced every three months—at the least! If your air filter is left unchanged, it will clog up, which will force your propane furnace to put in more work. In homes where there’s someone with allergies or if you have pets, the frequency should go up to once monthly. The easiest way to remember to take care of this is to set a “change air filter” reminder on your phone’s calendar. Keeping your air filters up to date will help your system running more efficiently, ultimately keeping your costs down.
  • Set up your annual tune-up. With regularly scheduled maintenance, your propane heating system will run at its highest level of efficiency, keeping your home comfortable while using less energy. Proper maintenance extends the life of your system and reduces your bills, so it’s a true win-win.
  • As an added bonus, a regular tune-up is also an opportunity for your technician to spot other issues before they become bigger, more expensive issues. Our Easy Comfort Plan provides 25% off all covered repairs, plus guaranteed priority service. (Maintenance service is not included in the plan.)

  • Put a programmable thermostat to work for you. With a programmable thermostat, you can lower the temperature while you’re out of the house, and while you’re sleeping. Then you can set it to increase before you return home or before you wake up. Just lowering the temperature in your propane-heated home by 7 to 10 degrees regularly for about eight hours a day can lower you bill by about 10%. If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, now is an ideal time to invest in one so you can use it throughout the winter. Contact us today for information about the best one for your household.
  • Cut out the drafts in your home. When your heating system has less work to do to keep you warm, you use less energy and your costs are decreased. One way to make this happen is to cut out any avoidable drafts throughout your home. Seal cracks in exterior walls, and put weather stripping and caulk around windows and doors where air might be sneaking through.
  • Check your water heater’s settings—and adjust as needed! According to the Department of Energy, about 18% of your home’s energy usage comes from water heating. Setting the temperature of your water heater lower than 120° F can save you hundreds on your annual energy bills. An added benefit of the lowered temperature is that you’ll reduce the risk of injuries caused by scalding as well.
  • If you’re headed out of town for any extended period of time, you can also set your water heater to “Vacation”—or the lowest temperature setting. This is another money and energy saver!

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