Repair or Replace: Facing Your Heating System Dilemma

Posted: March 5, 2018

Wrench question mark

It’s one of the most common but least favorite questions that most homeowners will have to answer at some point during their mortgage-paying life: should I repair or replace my home heating system?

When your heating system breaks down, the knee-jerk reaction could be to fix it – mostly because it’s the cheapest, easiest way to getting your heat turned back on and your life back to normal. But pouring money into a repair isn’t always the smart move – in part because a first-time breakdown on an older system is often a warning sign of more frequent problems to come.

The possibility of further breakdowns isn’t the only financial consideration, either: An older furnace or boiler will lose about five percent efficiency a year, especially if you skip your annual heating maintenance. That means that even after you’ve paid for your repairs, you’ll still be battling high energy bills. By replacing a 15-year-heating system with a new high efficiency version, you could save 40 percent on your annual heating costs – enough to pay for your new investment in just a few years.

If you’re not sure whether to repair or replace your home heating system, here are some guidelines to help you make a decision:

Replace your system if:

Repair your system if:

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