How Do I Know Whether to Repair or Replace My Furnace or Boiler?

Posted: January 28, 2019

Boiler room

There comes a time in the life of your home heating system when you’ll have to make a decision about repairing or replacing your furnace or boiler. How do you know which option makes more sense for you?

Here are three questions to guide your thinking:

  1. Is your heating system more than 10 years old? Heating systems have come a long way the last decade. With a new heating oil– or propane-powered furnace or boiler, you could cut your monthly heating bill by 30 percent or more – enough to pay for the system in just a few years.
  2. Is your current system experiencing a drop in performance? Have you noticed your energy bills rising despite getting annual service? Do you notice colds spots in your home? Does it take longer for your house to get home when a cold snap arrives? If your home system isn’t performing the way it used to no matter how well you maintain it, it might be time to replace it.
  3. Is a repair cost-effective? How much will a repair cost – and how likely will you need another one down the road? An honest contractor will help you understand what makes sense for your system and situation. As a general rule, if the cumulative cost of repairs is 50 percent or more of the cost of a new furnace or boiler, you should replace it.

If you’re not sure whether to repair or replace your furnace or boiler, contact us to discuss your options. Either way, Murray-Heutz has you covered with expert home heating repair and installation services!