Renewable Propane at a Glance

Posted: December 13, 2021

clean energy maineAs both a world and a country we are becoming more and more green conscious. And in the midst of climate change, a lot of us are consciously making an effort to be more environmentally friendly. The same holds true for a lot of energy producers who are producing renewable propane. In recent years, the production of renewable propane has increased, and the adoption of this ultra-low emissions energy source will only continue to grow as an abundant supply is on the horizon. 

What is renewable propane?

Renewable propane can be used in the same applications as conventional propane because they both have the same molecular structure. The difference lies in renewable propane’s production sources: vegetable oils, animal oils and other triglycerides. Because it’s produced from renewable, raw materials, it has an even lower carbon intensity than conventional propane. As time goes on, renewable propane can—and will—be used to fuel autogas fleets, commercial landscaping vehicles and construction machines. As usage of renewable propane increases, it will further reduce our greenhouse gas emissions nationwide, helping to fight the effects of climate change.

What are the benefits of propane?

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