Be Ready for Anything This Heating Season with Price Protection from Murray-Heutz

Posted: July 26, 2018

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With heating oil prices as unpredictable as they are these days, it pays to cover all your bases when it comes to paying for your heating oil deliveries.

The best way to do that? Sign up for a heating oil price protection plan from Murray-Heutz (don’t worry, propane and kerosene customers – we offer price protection for you, too!).

A price protection plan shields you from all the things that can (and often do) raise fuel prices during a typical fall and winter – anything from the global economy to local policy and weather can wreak havoc on your monthly bill (if you paid market price for your heating oil last year, you know what we’re talking about).

Murray-Heutz offers two types of price protection plans:

Smart Pay Plus: the Price Cap advantage

With Smart Pay Plus, you will never have to worry about any of the problems that can lead to unexpected high heating bills; with its Price Cap protection, you’re protected against rising prices while still being able to take advantage of price drops!

To put it another way, capping the price of your heating oil eliminates the risk of choosing one way and the market going the other.

The past heating season was a great one for our Smart Pay Plus customers, and Smart Pay Plus continues to be the choice we recommend to customers who want the very lowest heating oil price we can offer.

Call today to sign up for Smart Pay or Smart Pay Plus from Murray-Heutz: (207) 225-3000

But hurry, the deadline to secure your price protection is approaching!

Time is running out to protect the price of your heating oil in the fall and winter ahead – don’t miss out on our great Price Cap program! Contact us today to enroll – you’ll be glad you did!