7 Propane Upgrades You Should Consider

Posted: September 26, 2018

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Propane is one of the most versatile fuels around – and if your house already has a propane tank (or even if it doesn’t), there are many ways it can boost your quality of life this fall and winter.

Here are seven great propane fall and winter upgrades for your Maine home:

  1. Install a propane fireplace or propane log set – We talked about the many virtues of a propane hearth in our last blog – why not enjoy one this holiday season?
  2. Add a propane backup generator – A whole house generator won’t just keep your lights on during a power outage – it will keep your food fresh, your sump pump working, and your home security system powered up. If you have important medical equipment at home that requires power, a backup generator is a must-have.
  3. Switch to a propane clothes dryer – A propane gas dryer will dry your clothing faster and produce less static than an electric dryer; that means longer-lasting clothes and lower energy bills.
  4. Power your spa with propane – When it comes to heating water fast, nothing beats propane. If you have an outdoor spa here in Maine and plan to use it this fall and winter, an electric spa heater simply won’t cut it.
  5. Add a propane space heater – Most of us have a room that sits empty in the winter because it’s drafty or cold. A propane space heater will give you that room back, delivering more heat to a wider space than even the most powerful electric space heaters can (and do it for less money, too).

    Propane heat is a great solution for a new home addition, too – whether or not the rest of your home is heated with heating oil or electric.

  6. Upgrade to a propane stove or cooktop/range – If you’re serious about cooking, make the switch to a propane gas range. It gives you precision temperature control that no electric cooktop can match – a big reason why 95 percent of professional chefs cook with gas.
  7. Go tankless – With its compact size and exceptional efficiency, a propane gas tankless water heater will save you 30 percent or more on your bills – all while producing an unlimited amount of hot water.

Propane – the quality of life fuel! For a reliable propane delivery and propane services anywhere in our service area, no one beats Murray-Heutz Oil and Propane.