Propane Hearths – A Convenient, Efficient, and Beautiful Centerpiece for Your Maine Home (Part 1 of 2)

Posted: September 13, 2017

Feet by the fireplace

Nothing wards off winter’s chill quite like a glowing fire — but for many people the inconvenience of chopping wood and sweeping ashes is enough to skip the simple pleasures of a hearth altogether.

But what if you could get the benefits of a fire feature without the hassles? You can – thanks to the power of propane.

Propane hearth types

Propane hearth installations fall into two general categories: propane fireplaces and cast iron stoves (appliances that require construction) and propane fireplace inserts and log sets (devices that you add to an existing wood-burning fireplace).

In this first of a two-part post, we’ll focus on fireplace installations; we’ll return to log sets and inserts in part two.

Propane fireplace consideration

If you choose to add a new propane-powered fireplace or cast stove in your Maine home, you’ll have to answer three basic questions:

  1. How should I vent it? There are three common ways to vent your fireplace or stove: direct venting (a sealed combustion box that vents to the outside), natural (where venting relies on a natural draft, with the fire occurring behind a door that opens) and vent-free. The one that is most practical and safe will depend on your home, local code requirements, and your budget.
  2. How much room do I have? The size of a gas fireplace typically determines how much heat the unit can produce, so you’ll need to know how much space you can spare for a fireplace – along with how much heat you’ll need to keep the room warm.
  3. What do I want it to look like? There are many choices for any trim features and options for your fireplace – from simple modern to more classic designs.

Stay tuned for our next post on propane fireplace inserts and log sets!

Looking to add a propane fireplace to your Maine home? Our experts can help get you on the road to your dream hearth, with great options from Rinnai and Empire. Contact us today for a FREE estimate on a propane fireplace installation!