Prevent Gelling in Your Outdoor Heating Tank with Blended Kerosene Heating Fuel from Murray Heutz

Posted: January 12, 2017

Outdoor heating tank

If you own a mobile home or a home with an outdoor heating tank in Maine, you’re probably familiar — maybe too familiar — with the concept of gel point (for the uninitiated, gel point refers to the temperature at which liquid fuel becomes too viscous to flow through oil lines or heating equipment).

Because kerosene has a lower gel point than traditional heating oil, it has been used for more than a century to warm mobile homes and homes with outdoor tanks in colder climates like ours. Today, straight K1 kerosene is used primarily in space heaters, but that’s not the only use you’ll find for the fuel.

Our kerosene heating oil blend — a roughly 50/50 mixture of #2 heating oil and kerosene — offers an economical, efficient, and cold-resistant way to keep the heat coming through the long, cold winter.

As our service area’s most reliable blended fuel supplier — and with industry-leading customer service and great prices — Murray Heutz is the go-to source for cold weather, outdoor fuel solutions.

Need heating oil / kerosene blend for your outdoor tank or mobile home? Murray Heutz delivers. Contact us today to learn more.