Tips for Dealing With Pets and HVAC Units

Posted: July 7, 2021

managing pet hair maineWe love our pets, and they are most certainly part of the family. They also post challenges for homeowners who have HVAC units! We’ve identified a few issues that often come up when furry family members are part of the picture. For each one, we’ve provided tips for keeping your home heating and cooling equipment running smoothly and efficiently—and for maintaining your Maine home’s indoor air quality (IAQ).

1. Pet Dander

The problem: Dry, dead skin from a pet, aka dander—along with other allergens—can spread through your home via a forced-air system (one with vents, rather than radiators or baseboard). This degrades your IAQ.


2. Pet Fur

When pet fur gets into HVAC filters, it can quickly create blockages and cause the system to become overworked in no time. This buildup means it will cost more for you to heat and cool your home while subjecting your system to a higher risk of breaking down.


3.Pet Door Drafts

If you have a pet door, air could be leaking into or out of your home.


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