Woman's silhouette 2019

New Year’s Resolutions: Six Home Comfort Commitments for 2019

Believe it or not, 2019 has arrived– and with it comes that time-honored tradition of making resolutions and commitments for the year ahead.

Winter storm

Five Winter Storm Safety Reminders

Winter is officially here – and with it comes that ever-present chance of a good old-fashioned snowstorm here in southern Maine and New Hampshire.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to Your Family from Ours at Murray-Heutz!

It’s holiday time here in Maine as we gather to enjoy the warm, cozy comforts of home with our families.

Hearing noise

Why Is My Water Heater Making Noises?

Most of the time, your propane water heater works silently behind the scenes to provide the hot water your need for your taps and appliances.


Can Propane Freeze in Your Outdoor Tank?

If you own a propane-powered home, you already know that one of the greatest things about propane is that it keeps your family warm no matter how cold it gets here in Maine.

Freezing indoors

Keep an Eye on Your Propane Levels…

The calendar may say November, but last week sure felt a lot like January here in Maine.

Happy Thanksgiving

Thank You for Choosing Murray-Heutz Oil and Propane

Thanksgiving is a time when we show our gratitude – and there is nothing we are more grateful for than you, our loyal customers.

Save energy and money

Ways to Save Energy with Propane This Winter

We’re well into heating season here in Maine, with temperatures dropping steadily as we push toward December.


What Do Furnace Efficiency Ratings Mean?

When you invest in a new propane furnace, the efficiency rating of your equipment should be one of your most important considerations…

Residential propane tank

Propane Tank Styles and Sizes: Which One Is Right for You?

Whether you’re converting a home for propane use, adding a source of supplemental heat to a home addition, or powering your new…