Happy Thanksgiving

Thank You for Choosing Murray-Heutz Oil and Propane

Thanksgiving is a time when we show our gratitude – and there is nothing we are more grateful for than you, our loyal customers.

Save energy and money

Ways to Save Energy with Propane This Winter

We’re well into heating season here in Maine, with temperatures dropping steadily as we push toward December.


What Do Furnace Efficiency Ratings Mean?

When you invest in a new propane furnace, the efficiency rating of your equipment should be one of your most important considerations…

Residential propane tank

Propane Tank Styles and Sizes: Which One Is Right for You?

Whether you’re converting a home for propane use, adding a source of supplemental heat to a home addition, or powering your new…

Hot water shower

Why a Propane Water Heater Is a Smart Choice for Your Maine Home

The average American uses more than 60 gallons of hot water a day to fill their showers, dishwasher, sinks, and washing machine, so it’s no wonder that…

Dew on leaf

Propane: The Clean, GREEN Fuel

If you’re looking for a great way to shrink your carbon footprint without sacrificing any of the comforts of home, look no further than clean, green propane gas.


Mythbusting: Propane Edition

Propane is one of the most efficient, eco-friendly ways to power your Maine home – yet many people still think of it simply as the stuff in the white can under your grill.

Father and daughter hug

Seven Propane Upgrades for Fall and Winter 2018/19

Propane is one of the most versatile fuels around – and if your house already has a propane tank (or even if it doesn’t), there are many ways it can boost your quality of life this fall and winter.

Propane fireplace flames

Imagine Coming Home to a Roaring Fire This Fall and Winter – All at the Touch of a Button

If you’ve always dreamed of cozying up to a warm fire at the end of a cold day, but dismissed the idea because of the costs of adding a masonry fireplace – or because of the hassles of wood fire set-up and clean-up – we’ve got great news for you.

Propane tank safety

Propane Safety Facts

One of the things that we hear a lot from customers who are kicking the tires on choosing propane to power their Maine home is uncertainty about propane safety.