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HVAC Care for Pet Owners

Keep your home’s indoor air cleaner There are so many things to love about pets. They give us love. They entertain us. They’re there for us. However, they can also shed dander and fur, which can exacerbate allergies and other breathing problems. The fur and dander may also be carried into your home’s HVAC system. […]

The Benefits of Grilling With Propane

Enjoy convenience and delicious food! Have you been enjoying all the grilling that comes with warmer weather here in central Maine? If you’re looking to upgrade your grilling game, a propane grill is the way to go. Propane grills can be customized to have features like a side burner, multiple levels of grilling surface, a […]

Advantages of Being a Priority Customer

Skip the line with these Murray-Heutz services! You may know Murray-Heutz for outstanding fuel delivery and equipment service. But our special programs take our service to the next level. Several of them allow you to skip the wait and worry for your heating oil or propane delivery and equipment service, giving you peace of mind. […]

Time To Get Your Heating System Tuned Up!

Murray-Heutz makes it easy With Spring in full swing here in Maine, we’re looking ahead to clambakes and cookouts. But before that, contact Murray-Heutz to get your home’s heating system its annual maintenance tune-up. You are likely thinking, “Why would I need to get the tune-up now when I don’t have to turn on the […]

Keep a Clear Path to Your Fuel Tank

Help us ensure safe, reliable heating oil and propane delivery The cornerstone of everything we do at Murray-Heutz is our reliability, whether it’s our equipment installation and service or our fuel delivery, our goal is for you to know that you can count on us. However, we do need your help to keep our promise […]

Propane: The Earth-friendly Choice

Propane can help reduce your environmental impact Thanks to the activism that Earth Day helped inspire, laws like the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act were passed, helping to reduce air and water pollution in the United States. Despite the fact that there has been much progress, significant difficulties persist. Our seas are being […]

How Does A Service Plan Save Money?

Protect yourself from big repair bills Your home’s HVAC and comfort equipment are major investments in your home. The service plans offered by Murray-Heutz help protect that investment. Our service plans are affordable, with options for all budgets. In addition to heating systems, you can also get coverage for equipment such as water heaters and […]

Prevent Run-outs With Wireless Propane Tank Monitoring

Murray-Heutz makes managing your propane supply easy! Propane is an outstanding, versatile, energy-efficient fuel that provides a great deal of benefits for your Central Maine home. With propane, you get even, efficient home heating. It has far superior energy efficiency than electric counterparts when it comes to providing hot water. Propane ranges and grills make […]

Our Guarantees To Our Customers

At Murray-Heutz, we back up our work! These days, there doesn’t seem to be much you can count on. But you can count on Murray-Heutz for the best fuel delivery and equipment service in Central Maine. We put our money where out mouth is with our guarantees to our customers. Here are those guarantees. Our […]

Late Winter Heating Repairs You May Need

Don’t put it off! With the calendar getting further into March, we’re in the final days of winter. But here in Central Maine, we’ll be needing to use our home heating systems after spring starts.   If you didn’t get your furnace or boiler serviced before the winter, it’s not too late! Professional maintenance on […]