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Troubleshoot Furnace Air Flow Issues

Troubleshooting Furnace Air Flow Issues

Is your oil furnace or propane furnace doing its job and keeping your home warm and comfortable?

5 Signs That it’s Time to Replace Your Furnace

Is It Time To Replace Your Furnace?

As you get deeper into fall and really start putting your propane furnace or oil furnace to work, it’s important to know whether the system is truly up for the task.

Ways to Reduce Your Heating Costs this Fall

Reduce Your Heating Costs This Fall

It’s official: Fall is here. As the pumpkin-spice everything starts appearing, the temperatures are dipping in Central Maine.

End-of-Summer Care Tips for Your A/C

4 A/C Care Tips For The End-of-Summer

Taking good care of your air conditioning system is super important for your Maine home. And we all know that just because we’re saying goodbye to summer doesn’t mean we should forget about our air conditioners. In fact, we should give them a high level of priority so they’re ready to start off strong next […]

Let Propane Help Extend Your Summer

Let Propane Help Extend Your Summer

When you look at the calendar, it seems to be the case that summer is coming to a close. But…maybe not!

Propane Safety: Hot Tips for the Season

Propane Safety Tips For The Season

Summer is prime time for propane appliances, and with all of us spending more time at home these days, it’s even more important that you play it safe.

Safety tips for thunderstorms and severe weather

7 Severe Weather Safety Tips

Severe weather seems to be all around us these days, with headlines about high winds, local flooding, and paths of destruction making their way into newscasts here in Maine and throughout the country.

What you should know about carbon monoxide in your home

Carbon Monoxide In Your Home: What You Should Know

If you have home comfort equipment that burns fuel to produce energy – whether it’s a furnace, boiler, water heater, cooking range, or any other device – it emits at least some carbon monoxide (CO) as it runs.

Summer oil tank maintenance: three things to do for your tank

Summer Oil Tank Maintenance: 3 To-Dos

Heating oil tanks aren’t complicated devices, but they do require at least some attention to run reliably year after year.

Shrink your bills and your carbon footprint with clean, green propane

Shrink Your Bills And Carbon Footprint With Clean, Green Propane

If you’re using it to power space heaters, water heaters, fireplaces, and other appliances in your Androscoggin County home, you already know that propane gas one of the most versatile sources of home energy around.