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Imagine Coming Home to a Roaring Fire This Fall and Winter – All at the Touch of a Button

If you’ve always dreamed of cozying up to a warm fire at the end of a cold day, but dismissed the idea because of the costs of adding a masonry fireplace – or because of the hassles of wood fire set-up and clean-up – we’ve got great news for you.

Propane tank safety

Propane Safety Facts

One of the things that we hear a lot from customers who are kicking the tires on choosing propane to power their Maine home is uncertainty about propane safety.

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Seven Unexpected Benefits of Propane Power

As we saw in our last blog, you can make a pretty compelling argument about the benefits of switching from electricity to propane in your Maine home – at least from an efficiency standpoint.


Propane vs. Electricity: By the Numbers

Just about any appliance that runs on electricity can operate more efficiently on propane – which means switching to propane appliances will not only save you money, but it will help the environment, too.

Happy Labor Day 2018

Labor Day Is Coming – Time to Start Thinking about Your Heating System…

Labor Day is just around the corner, believe it or not – which means that cooler days and nights aren’t far behind.

Peace of mind

Tank Utility from Murray-Heutz: The Ultimate Peace of Mind Solution for Propane Deliveries

We’re big fans of automatic propane delivery here at Murray-Heutz – it makes it easier for our customers to stay safe and warm when Mother Nature is at her worst, and it helps us…


Estimating Times between Propane Fill Ups

If you recently purchased a propane-powered home – or don’t have much experience running year-round propane equipment – you may wonder how often you can expect to refill your propane tank.

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Be Ready for Anything This Heating Season with Price Protection from Murray-Heutz

With heating oil prices as unpredictable as they are these days, it pays to cover all your bases when it comes to paying for your heating oil deliveries.

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Share the Wealth: Earn a $50 Credit for You and a Friend!

Have you had a satisfying experience as a Murray-Heutz propane or heating oil customer? Why not share that satisfaction with a friend for a chance to earn credit for both of you?

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Summer Energy Efficiency Checklist

Summer is in full swing here in Maine – which means the hottest days of the year are on their way. Be prepared!