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Outdoor heating oil tank

What Is “Gelling”?

If you live in a cold climate like ours here in Maine and have an outdoor heating oil tank, using normal #2 heating oil can cause a number of problems.

Clear driveway

Four Ways You Can Help Us Keep Your Propane or Heating Oil Delivery on Time – And Our Drivers Safe

Our expert drivers take great pride in delivering your heating oil or propane safely – on time, every time, in any weather. But we can’t do that without a little assistance from you!

Happy Thanksgiving

Thank You!

As challenging as our work can be sometimes, we are always grateful that we get to wake up every morning and do what we love to do – and we owe that all to you, our loyal customers.

Value for money

Cost vs. Value

We’ll say it right up front (in fact we say it right on our About Us page): we’re not the cheapest place to buy your heating oil or propane. We don’t even try to be.

Woman using her laptop

How Are We Doing?

We do our best every day to keep the homes of our Maine neighbors comfortable and our commercial customers up and running – but that doesn’t mean we ever rest on our laurels and call ourselves “good enough.”

Heating system maintenance

Getting More from Your Propane Appliances, Part 4 of 4: Your Propane Heating System

If you already heat your house with propane, you know how much better a job it does than an electric-powered heating system (if you haven’t switched from electric to propane heating, what are you waiting for?).

Pot over propane stove

Getting More from Your Propane Appliances, Part 3 of 4: Your Propane Cooking Range/Cooktop

If you have a propane cooking range, congratulations – you’re already saving as much as 50 percent of the energy you’d use if you had an electric model.

Hot water faucet

Getting More from Your Propane Appliances, Part 2 or 4: Your Water Heater

You probably take for granted all that your propane water heater does to make life better for you.

Clothes dryer

Getting More from Your Propane Appliances, Part 1 of 4: Your Propane Clothes Dryer

If you own a propane-powered clothes dryer, you probably already know that it dries clothes faster, costs less to operate, and produces less static cling than an electric dryer (if you didn’t, you do now!).

Energy efficiency

Eight Energy-Saving Tips for Fall and Winter

Fall is officially here, and despite the unseasonably warm temperatures we’ve been getting here in Maine, we know the cool weather will come. As always, it’s best to be ready for it.