Money flying out of wallet

“I Don’t Want to Pay Too Much for My Heating Oil…”

We’ll say it up front: If you shop around for heating oil, propane, or other home comfort services in this area of Maine, you can probably find cheaper options than Murray-Heutz.

Backyard swimming pool

Three Factors to Consider When Choosing a Propane Pool Heater

In our last blog, we talked about some of the great benefits and advantages of having a propane pool heater.

Swimming pool

You Could Be Swimming Right Now – If You Had a Propane Pool Heater

It wouldn’t offend us if you said you would rather be swimming right now than reading this blog. The only problem is the thought of taking a cold dip on a cool spring day or evening probably isn’t appealing.

Propane tank valve

Converting from Electricity to Propane Power – A Smart Choice for Your Downeast-Area Home

Upgrading your electricity-powered home systems and appliances to clean, green propane can be a great investment for your Maine home.

Fish Bones restaurant

No Fish Story: Murray-Heutz Customers Paul and Kate Landry on Launching Fish Bones American Grill

Step into Fish Bones American Grill in Lewiston and you’ll notice an attention to detail you won’t find at most area restaurants – from the linen on the tables to the service at them.

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Heating Oil Pricing Plans: Options for Managing the Cost of Your Fuel Oil

Choosing which heating oil pricing plan is best in a given year can be challenging, since oil prices fluctuate – sometimes significantly – from season to season.

Fuel oil truck

Not All Fuel Oil Is Created Equal…

It’s a simple idea: treat your heating system better, and it will treat you better for longer.

Heating system check

“What’s That Technician Doing in My Basement?” – Part 2

In our last blog, we talked about the importance of routine annual maintenance for your home heating system – along with some…

Heating system technician

“What’s That Technician Doing in My Basement?”

You’ve probably heard us say that routine annual maintenance is one of the most important ways to protect the investment you’ve made…

Hello Spring

Spring’s on the Way – Time to Take Care of Your…Heating Maintenance?

While you’re busy cleaning out closets driving the kids to baseball practice in the coming months, you’re probably thinking about the warm weather ahead of you – not the cold weather behind you.