Pros and Cons

Propane Gas vs. Oil Heating – Pros & Cons

Most New England homeowners turn to either propane gas or heating oil furnaces and boilers to heat their homes. Both fuels will keep your house warm, and both will do the job better than electricity-based system in virtually every way.

Propane stove flame

More Is More: The Benefits of Adding Propane Appliances

If you use propane to power your boiler or furnace, you already know how well it works. The question is why aren’t you using propane elsewhere in your home?

“Yeah, I’ve got a guy…”

How do you choose a company to provide your propane or heating oil – or install a heating system – when there are so many local options to choose from?

Four Ways To Upgrade Your Summer With Propane

Summer is one of the best seasons to capitalize on the many advantages of clean, green propane in your Downeast home.

Payment plan

Get More Predictable Bills This Coming Heating Season with Pioneer’s Monthly Budget and Pricing Plans

Today’s headlines can be unpredictable – to say the least. But one thing that doesn’t have to be unpredictable is your heating bill – thanks to our Monthly Budget and Price Cap plans.

Play Your Part In The Fight Against Global Warming: Switch From Electric Heat To Propane

Did you know that replacing electric appliances with their propane equivalents could help shrink your home’s carbon footprint?

Propane’s greenhouse gas emissions are significantly lower than coal (which produces more than half of our electricity) and comparable to natural gas (without the hassle or expense of having an external hookup).

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Six Ways to Get the Most from Your Propane Gas Furnace

The heating system uses more energy than any other appliance or system in your Maine home, so it pays to get as much performance out of your propane furnace as you possibly can. Here are six ways to do it:

safety tips

Safety Tips For Your Propane-Powered Maine Home

Propane is one of the safest and most versatile ways to power your home, but like any energy source, you need to know what to do to avoid problems with it – and how to act during an emergency if one arises.

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“I Don’t Want to Pay Too Much for My Heating Oil…”

We’ll say it up front: If you shop around for heating oil, propane, or other home comfort services in this area of Maine, you can probably find cheaper options than Murray-Heutz.

Backyard swimming pool

Three Factors to Consider When Choosing a Propane Pool Heater

In our last blog, we talked about some of the great benefits and advantages of having a propane pool heater.