One Important Question to Ask When Replacing Your Propane Tank

Posted: May 23, 2018

Large propane cylinders

When the time finally comes to replace your propane tank – whether because your current tank is on its last legs or because you’ve outgrown your previous model – one of the most important questions to answer is “what size should it be?”

It’s an important question to answer, considering that propane tanks can range in size from small portable and stationary aboveground units to 1000+ gallon underground models.

As with any piece of home comfort equipment, matching the tool to the job it needs to perform is crucial; install a tank that’s too large and your fuel bill will be higher than it needs to be; buy one that’s too small and you may be getting more propane deliveries than necessary.

Tank sizing also comes into play when you make changes to your home or lifestyle – adding a room to your house, for example, or propane features to your outdoor living space. Each of these changes affects the energy load of your home, which influences tank sizing.

If you’re making a direct swap of your current tank for a new one and not much has changed at or in your home, the rightsizing question could be answered simply by looking at your delivery record and making sure the time between deliveries has been appropriate.

If your energy needs have recently changed, however, (or are expected to change soon), it pays to take some time to calculate the potential energy use difference in greater detail – preferably with a person or team that has deep experience in whole-house propane solutions.

Take it from us – the result will be worth the effort!

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