Not All Fuel Oil Is Created Equal…

Posted: April 4, 2017

Fuel oil truck

It’s a simple idea: treat your heating system better, and it will treat you better for longer.

That’s why we always talk about the importance of performing routine maintenance for your heating system (if you skipped it in the fall, be sure to do it in the spring – contact us to schedule an appointment).

But it’s also why we treat our heating oil with a HEATDOC™ conditioner – an additive that helps cut down wear and tear on your system by reducing sediment build up in your tank, nozzle, pipes and filters.

The result?

Not all fuel oil is created equal – buy from a fuel discounter and you’ll save pennies now but spend many dollars later on preventable repairs. Make sure you’re getting the right heating oil – clean, treated fuel oil from Murray-Heutz.

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