Why Do I Need an Annual Heating System Tune-Up and Safety Check?

Posted: October 14, 2019

Heating system check

Fall is here – is your furnace or boiler up to the challenge of another heating season?

There’s only one way to know for sure: schedule routine heating service by enrolling in a Murray-Heutz Efficiency Comfort or Secure Comfort Plan for your heating oil-fired equipment, or an Easy Comfort Plan for your propane heating equipment.

Routine maintenance is crucial for your heating equipment – not just because it will keep your heating system running reliably and at peak efficiency, but because it can spot problems that can lead to safety concerns (a carbon monoxide leak, for example) down the road. Just like you, those problems tend to show up under stress…like when your furnace is trying to ward off single-digit temperatures in January.

That’s why it’s important to schedule an annual heating system tune-up with an expert Murray-Heutz technician now, before heating season begins in earnest.

Like a good detective, our technician will spot issues that can rob your system of performance and bring it to a grinding halt when you need it most. If he finds a bigger problem, he can fix it before the rush for heating system service begins – or, if needed, help you choose and install a new high efficiency heating system so you can enjoy lower bills and warmer rooms all season long.

Get absolute transparency with our exclusive Annual Service Report Card

When you become a Murray-Heutz customer and choose one of our heating service plans, you’ll know exactly what’s happening when our technicians work on your equipment, because we spell it out for you on our exclusive Annual Service Report Card. No other heating service provider in our Central Maine service area gives you the kind of written record of your service that we do!

Our technicians will measure and report on your heating system’s:

Each of these numbers tells us something about your equipment, which we will explain to you in plain language on your Report Card!

Don’t play the “hope and wait” game with your heating system – contact Murray-Heutz today to schedule your heating system maintenance and enjoy a worry-free fall and winter.