Looking to Buy a Propane-Powered Home? Here Are Five Questions to Ask Your Seller

Posted: November 21, 2016

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More people than ever are discovering propane for their home as a cleaner alternative to oil, a cheaper choice than electricity, and a more convenient option than natural gas.

But buying a propane-powered home means having to take into account some unique considerations. Before you jump in the propane-home owning game, here are five questions you’ll want to ask your seller.

  1. Which home appliances are you currently powering with propane? Propane can be a fuel source for everything from heaters and stoves to water heaters, clothes dryers, and more. But the home you’re buying may not be rigged to take full advantage of that versatility (many homes have mixes of electric and propane appliances, for example). Another issue? Your tank may not be big enough to supply the appliances you plan to power (see question three below). When making an offer, consider whether or not you’ll have to invest in appliances or a new propane tank.
  2. Who owns the propane tank? Some homeowners own their propane tank; others lease it from their propane supplier. A tank that is owned outright has no monthly lease cost, but the cost of the tank will definitely be factored into the home’s asking price. The main advantage to leasing, of course, is that you don’t have to pay to maintain the tank.
  3. What’s the capacity of your propane tank? Larger tanks = longer times between deliveries, but larger filling bills when they do occur. Make sure your tank is right-sized for the appliances you plan to power.
  4. Is it installed above or below ground? If the homeowner leases the tank, it’s probably above ground (aboveground units are cheaper and easier to install). But nothing beats a belowground tank for aesthetics.
  5. Can you produce maintenance records? If the seller can’t provide evidence that their tank and appliances have been serviced regularly, it could be a red flag for future problems. At minimum, be sure to have the system inspected by an expert.

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