Let Propane Help Extend Your Summer

Posted: September 7, 2020

outdoor propane appliances maine

When you look at the calendar, it seems to be the case that summer is coming to a close. But…maybe not! With the help of outdoor propane appliances, you can extend your summer by a few solid weeks, and get even more quality time to use your outdoor space. And with all the time we’ve been spending at home lately, what’s better than getting as much outside time as possible?

Here are just a few ways to make the most of the late summer and early fall in your outdoor space, with the installation of propane outdoor living equipment.

Propane pool heater

Make your pool party last with a propane pool heater, and extend your swimming season. You can also get the season going earlier than ever when spring rolls back around. Need a fill-up? Let us know!

Propane gas lights

Light the way through the yard with the warm glow of propane-fueled lights, which are much easier on the eyes than electric. Propane gas lights come in a range of styles, and are ideal for any type of home. They’ll even keep running in the event of a power outage.

Propane patio heater

When the temperatures start to drop, your patio stays just as cozy as ever when you have a propane patio heater. You’ll get so much more use out of your outside space when your propane patio heater is running.

Propane firepit

Smoke and embers are a thing of the past when you have a propane firepit. Keep the cozy vibe running into the night with a propane-fueled firepit and propane gas logs. Just turn it on, kick back and chill out. When you’re done, all you need to do is shut the system off and say goodnight.

And just as propane appliances can help you extend this summer they’ll also help you get next summer started early just a few months from now!

At Murray-Heutz, our goal is to make you feel comfortable so you’re able to relax. Want us to tell you more about propane appliances and propane delivery in Androscoggin County, ME? Contact us today!