My New Home Is Propane-Heated. What Do I Need To Know?

Posted: October 19, 2020

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If you recently moved into a home with propane heating or propane appliances—or are about to move into one—it’s important to understand the basics about propane tanks, particularly whether you should lease your tank or own it.

Propane Tank Size

The team at Murray-Heutz will help you decide what size tank you need. This depends on how much you’ll be using propane and how many people are in your home. For example, if you need propane for whole-house heating, you’ll need a much larger tank than if you’re only using propane for occasional use with a couple of appliances.

Whether you need a tank that’s aboveground or underground, and large or small (or somewhere in between), our experienced team can help determine the best propane tank for your home.

Save By Leasing A Propane Tank

When you have your propane tank installed, you need to decide whether you are leasing or purchasing it.

If you purchase your tank, you can go with whatever propane provider you’d like. However, tank ownership means you are responsible for the installation expense, which can cost up to $3,000—or more—depending on whether it is aboveground or underground. It will also be up to you to maintain your tank and pay for repairs as needed.

When you lease a tank, you can avoid these inconveniences and expenses. We’ll handle your propane tank’s safe installation, and we’ll be responsible for the costs of maintenance and repairs.

Propane Delivery And Tank Monitoring

You’ll be in good hands with Murray-Heutz, whether you lease or buy your propane tank.

And here’s a helpful hint: consider propane tank monitoring. With a tank monitor you’ll eliminate the risk of a run-out—and the expense and hassle that comes with it—because it will be easy for you to see when it’s time to schedule your next delivery. And if you’re on automatic delivery, you don’t have to do a thing—we will set up your delivery at the right time.

Questions about propane for your home? The experienced team at Murray-Heutz can answer your questions and help you make the best choice for your Maine home. Contact us to learn more about how we can help!