Is Heating Oil Safe?

Posted: August 8, 2022

Learn more about the heating oil we deliver to your home!

home fuel safety maineHeating oil has long been the fuel of choice here in Central Maine for keeping our homes warm and comfortable. And even with other options, that has remained true.

Why is this the case? For a whole lot of reasons! Home heating oil is less expensive, on average, than other fuels and heats your house quicker than any other energy source. With reliable heating oil delivery from Murray-Heutz, you never have to depend on a utility’s aging infrastructure as you do with natural gas heating.

But there’s an additional factor to consider when you’re thinking about using heating oil: Safety.

Heating oil is one of the safest home heating options. Although “oil” is in its name, it’s not an immediate fire hazard. Heating oil must be heated to at least 140°F before it can be vaporized and combusted in your home’s boiler or furnace.

Today’s heating oil tanks are also examples of safety. To ensure that they are practically leakproof, they’re now made with double-wall steel, as well as plastic and fiberglass. There are built-in alarms that prevent the tank from being overfilled, lowering the risk of spills and leaks. However, there are still things you can do to ensure your oil-fired heating system and heating oil tank operate safely.

Get your heating system tuned up each year

Prevent issues before they start by scheduling regular maintenance tune-ups with the skilled, experienced professionals at Murray-Heutz. Their in-depth inspection will identify any potential problems.

Our affordable service plans include a tune-up as well as discounts on repair services!

Keep an eye on your heating oil tank

Inspect your heating oil tank between deliveries of heating oil. Check the tank for signs of impending failure, such as blisters on the paint, moisture on the outside of the tank that persists even after a heating oil delivery, and pinhole leaks. Get in touch with us if you see any of these to prevent a costly heating oil tank failure.

If you discover any oil on the floor or ground around your tank, contact us right away.

Know and practice carbon monoxide safety

Heating oil is very unlikely to cause a carbon monoxide leak. They can, however, occur. That’s especially possible if your oil-fired heating system is not properly maintained. If your boiler or furnace is emitting black smoke or soot, contact Murray-Heutz right away. Install carbon monoxide detectors on every level of the house, including the basement, as well as outside all bedrooms. Test and change the batteries twice a year and replace the detectors every five years. 

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