Getting the Perfect Pool Temperature

Posted: July 8, 2019

Perfect pool temperature

If you own an outdoor pool in Maine, you probably know that the weather here in the Pine Tree State can vary quite a bit in the summer, with typical high temperatures topping out in the upper 70s.

As it turns out, that’s below the American Red Cross’ recommendation for leisurely swimming, which is between 78 and 82 degrees. Keeping a pool that warm consistently is just about impossible in Maine without a pool heater, since temperatures dip down into the 50s at night (though you can retain some of that heat with a pool cover, which we highly recommend).

The question is, what kind of pool heater should you buy?

Here are a few thoughts on getting your pool the perfect temperature in the summer months ahead.

Propane gas is also a better solution if you need to heat your pool quickly – if, for example, you spend time significant time away from home and you turn off your pool heater when no one is there to enjoy it.

The bottom line

To get the most out of your summer swim season here in Maine, it’s a good idea to invest in a pool heater – and if you prefer your pool on the warm side and lack a natural gas hookup, a propane pool heater is the only way to go.

To learn more about propane pool heaters – or to get reliable propane gas delivery in Maine for your current propane pool heater and other outdoor living appliances – contact the propane experts at Murray-Heutz today!