Furnace Inspections: What You Need To Know

Posted: January 18, 2021

furnace repair maineRoutine heating service is a critical element of furnace care, and as a homeowner, it should be at the top of your list. An annual inspection and tune-up is the most surefire way to keep your furnace running as efficiently and reliably as it can possibly run. It’s also the best way to identify issues that could cause safety concerns or require to major repairs later on if they’re not addressed right away.

You want to know that your furnace is ready for the challenge of the heating season. When you schedule an annual tune-up, you’re truly doing yourself—and everyone else in your household—a favor.

How Will A Service Plan Help?

When you sign up for a Murray-Heutz Efficiency Comfort or Secure Comfort Plan for your heating oil-fired equipment, or an Easy Comfort Plan for your propane heating equipment, you’re guaranteed priority service. If you have heating oil, your annual tune-up is included as part of your service plan as well.

The Best Time For A Heating Tune-up

While it’s ideal to have your system inspected and tuned up before heating season begins, the most important factor is that you do it at all. So if you haven’t taken care of this yet for this winter, you should still contact us to complete your tune-up right away. It’s important to remember that tune-ups do not “wear off” or “run out” so if you end up not getting it until after heating season ends, it will last until next year. (Still, we recommend that you do it before heating season whenever possible.)

Our technicians provide careful inspections so they can identify any issues that could lead to bigger problems later. If an upgrade is necessary, our technicians can help you choose a new high-efficiency system, which we can also install. This will lead to lowered bills and a warmer home—a true win-win!

Learn About Our Annual Service Report Card

As a Murray-Heutz customer, when you select one of our service plans, our technicians will include an exclusive Annual Service Report Card at your tune-up, so you have a written record of the service we’ve provided.

The report covers the following heating system assessments:

Don’t delay in taking care of your home heating system. Contact Murray-Heutz today to schedule your tune-up and inspection!