Winter Home Fuel Delivery Checklist 

Posted: January 23, 2023

Make sure you can get your heating oil and propane delivered!

propane delivery maine Winter weather can turn wicked quickly here in Central Maine. When the temperature plummets and the snow flies, you want to be sure that your home has the heating oil or propane it needs to keep you and your loved ones warm and comfortable.

Murray-Heutz helps with that by providing reliable heating oil delivery and propane delivery. But we need your assistance to ensure that your delivery can be made. Here are four things to do for that.

Make sure we can get to your home and fuel tank

Clearing your driveway and walkways of snow and ice can be unenjoyable during a winter storm. But it’s an essential task. If the Murray-Heutz fuel delivery drivers cannot safely get down your driveway or to your fuel tank or fill line, we will unfortunately not be able to deliver your fuel.

To help ensure a safe delivery, please clear your driveway to a width of 10 feet. Additionally, if your driveway is on an incline we politely ask that you spread de-icer or sand over it to provide extra traction. Keep in mind these vehicles are much larger than the average car.

Please keep a path at least one foot wide between your driveway and the fuel tank or fill line. If you hire someone for snow removal, kindly remind them not to block this path during their work.

To make the location of your fuel tank or fill line visible after a heavy snowfall, erect a tall pole next to it and fasten a brightly colored flag or ribbon on top. 

Take care of your fuel tank

Heavy snow accumulating on top of propane and heating oil tanks can cause cracks or make the legs buckle, putting you at risk of a fuel leak. Carefully use a broom to clear snow off the tank. Do not use a shovel or ice scraper, as they can damage the tank and its components.

Keeping your propane tank clear of snow is essential. The propane in your tank is a liquid and, like other liquids, it shrinks in the cold and reduces the pressure in your tank. Snow blocks the sunlight that warms the tank and the propane inside, keeping it at a safe pressure.

Keep in touch with Murray-Heutz

Are you heading out on a vacation this winter? If you’re a Murray-Heutz Automatic Delivery customer, please let us know if you’ll be away for more than a week or so. Our calculations that determine when you’ll need more heating oil or propane use your fuel usage history as a factor, so letting us know you’ll be gone may prevent an unnecessary delivery.

Sign up for wireless propane tank monitoring

If you are a Murray-Heutz propane delivery customer, you can be assured of always getting your propane delivered when you need it with our Tank Utility wireless propane tank monitoring.

Once the monitor is installed on your tank, it uses wireless and cellular technology like that on a smartphone to let us know in real-time, 24/7, exactly how much propane is in your tank. When your propane supply reaches a set level, the monitor sends us a notification and we schedule a delivery. You can also use the Murray-Heutz Tank Utility app to track your propane supply.

Want the most dependable heating oil and propane delivery in Central Maine? Become a Murray-Heutz customer today!