Four Ways To Upgrade Your Summer With Propane

Posted: June 23, 2017

Summer is one of the best seasons to capitalize on the many advantages of clean, green propane in your Downeast home.

Thanks to the power of propane, you can:

  1. Protect your home and family – Power outages from summer storms can be dangerous – but with a whole house propane generator, you’ll keep your sump pump running, your food fresh, and your family safe and comfortable.
  2. Add a new “room” to your home – An outdoor kitchen – complete with a propane gas grill, lamps, and patio heater – will quickly become your family’s favorite place to entertain. It’s like expanding your home without the construction costs!
  3. Chill out in a warm pool or spa – With a propane pool heater, you can take a warm dip on a cool morning or evening – or under the turning leaves in the fall! Propane heaters are perfect for spas, too.
  4. Enjoy a fireside chat – Imagine sitting under the stars by a fire in your own back yard –without the hassles of wood burning set up and cleanup. With a propane hearth, a campfire is always a click away.

If you have a propane tank, adding propane appliances is easy – and if you don’t, switching from electric to propane is more affordable than you think. How affordable? Just ask!

Discover new ways to power up a better summer with propane – Contact us today to learn more!