Four Stress-Busting New Year’s Resolutions for Your Maine-Area Home!

Posted: December 29, 2017

New Year resolution 2018

A New Year is upon us – which means it’s time to make your New Year’s Resolutions. Why not make a few that will cut stress and make your life more manageable at home?

Here are a few simple commitments you can make that will simplify your home comfort life in 2018:

  1. Make prevention a priority – Annual maintenance is a must for any home heating system – it will help your appliances work best when you need them most, and it will often boost performance enough to pay for itself in a single season. For a great peace-of-mind value, sign up a Murray-Heutz Service Plan for your oil- or propane-fired heating system, which includes an annual tune-up, repair discounts, priority emergency service and more.
  2. Make it automatic – Who wants to think about paying bills every month? Sign up for Auto Pay and have your fuel bills paid automatically via your bank (ACH) or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover). Take automation a step further with paperless E-Billing and you’ll shrink your carbon footprint, too (don’t worry, your bills you can always access your bills and payment history via our Customer Portal).
  3. Protect your price – An unexpectedly high heating bill can pile on the stress – but you can avoid that unwanted surprise by signing up for our Monthly Payment Plan. We’ll estimate an annual cost for your fuel based on your past propane or heating oil use, then spread that cost out equally each month with no finance charges or program fees. Combine our Monthly Payment Plan with a Price Cap and you’ll avoid the stress of rising oil and propane prices, too.
  4. Make sensible upgrades – Replacing your old furnace or boiler with new high efficiency equipment will often pay for itself in just a few years, and provide more reliability, better comfort, and more warranty coverage along the way. Not sure if an upgrade makes sense for you? Contact us and we’ll walk you through your options.

Start 2018 out right – enjoy more peace of mind with expert service and equipment upgrades from Murray-Heutz. Contact us today to learn more or get a FREE estimate on new high-efficiency equipment for your Maine-area home!