Five Propane Upgrades for Fall and Winter

Posted: September 5, 2017

Siblings looking out the window

If you already use propane to power your furnace, you know it’s one of best ways to keep your home warm through Maine’s cool fall and cold winter months. But if you’re only using it for your furnace, you’re missing out on some of propane’s best benefits.

Propane is one of the most versatile residential fuels around – and if your house already has a propane tank, there are many other ways it can add to your quality of life.

Here are five of the best ones:

  1. Add a propane hearthVented propane fireplaces, fireplace inserts, and log sets give you all the benefits of a wood fireplace without the mess or clean up – and at a fraction of the installation cost (you don’t even need a chimney!).
  2. Install a propane space heater – Is one of your rooms underused in winter because it’s cold or drafty? A propane space heater will heat the room quickly, evenly, and economically.
  3. Add a propane patio heater – Extend your outdoor entertainment season by a month or more with an efficient and powerful propane patio heater. They’re available in a number of sizes and styles, with throws of 10 feet or more.
  4. Switch to a tankless propane water heater – With its compact size, extreme efficiency and unlimited capacity, a propane gas tankless water heater will save you 30 percent or more on your bills – and you’ll never run out of hot water again.
  5. Ditch your electric stove for a propane range – Chefs love the precision temperature control of gas-powered ranges, which is why 95 percent of them cook with it. If you’re a serious foodie, gas is the only way to go.

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