Eight Energy-Saving Tips for Fall and Winter

Posted: September 29, 2017

Energy efficiency

Fall is officially here, and despite the unseasonably warm temperatures we’ve been getting here in Maine, we know the cool weather will come. As always, it’s best to be ready for it.

Here are some of the best ways to save money and stay comfortable in the cool days and nights to come:

  1. Weatherize – Leaks in your home can cost you hundreds of dollars every year by letting cold air in, which forces your furnace or boiler to overwork to keep you comfortable. Caulking and weather sealing are cheap, effective ways to minimize leaks.
  2. Use your programmable thermostat – A “set-it-and-forget-it” thermostat can help you save 10 percent or more on your heating (and cooling) bills by adjusting the temperature when no one is home (or when you’re asleep).
  3. Take advantage of the greenhouse effect – Leave your curtains and blinds open during the day to absorb the sun’s radiant heat (just make sure to close them at night to keep the heat in).
  4. Lower your water heater thermostat – A setting of 110°F-120°F is enough for most hot water applications in your home. The default setting of many water heaters is higher than that.
  5. Add insulation – Most Maine homes – especially older ones – are under-insulated. A one-time investment in proper insulation can cut your energy bills by up to 10 percent every year – more than enough to offset the cost of installation.
  6. Use a cold setting for clothes washing – Today’s detergents work equally well on cold and warm settings. Switching to a cold-water wash could cut your water-heating bill by 10 percent.
  7. Service your equipmentRoutine service is the key to keeping your heating systems and other equipment operating at peak efficiency month after month, year after year. Avoid the temptation to skip it!
  8. Upgrade older appliances – Today’s propane appliances are significantly more efficient than an older system that hasn’t been properly maintained. If you’re replacing a 10-year-old system, you can expect your heating bills to drop 25 percent or more – enough to offset the investment in a new unit in just a few years.

Save money this fall and winter with a propane heating system upgrade, or Service Plan for your propane or heating oil-fired system! Contact us today to learn more.