Confidence In Your Diesel Fuel Company

Posted: May 17, 2021

commercial diesel maineSo many Maine businesses rely on diesel fuel. Not only is it important to have a reliable supply of quality fuel, but it’s critical for any business owner to have confidence in the company they’re working with. In today’s competitive market, nothing less than the highest level of service will suffice. At Murray-Heutz Oil and Propane, we take pride in the fact that we’ll get your diesel delivery to you no matter what: when you need it, where you need it, and in any weather.

On the commercial operations front, diesel fuel is ideal for construction companies, agricultural operations and manufacturing, among many other industries. In addition to schools, it’s used to power generators at health care facilities including hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. When you get your diesel fuel delivered by Murray-Heutz, here’s what you can count on:

A high-quality product. Our diesel fuel meets quality standards on both the regional and federal levels. Whether you need on- or off-road diesel deliveries, Murray-Heutz Oil and Propane is ready to serve your business. Our fuel performs well even in the most extreme Maine weather.

Dependable delivery. Known for our reliability, we take pride in our record of success in making on-site, on-time diesel fuel deliveries. Our fleet is prepared to hit the road and deliver fuel in any weather and under just about any conditions. This approach has proven incredibly valuable and can often make the difference many local, independent businesses need to keep up with the competition, now more than ever.

Unbeatable customer service. When you put your trust in us as your diesel fuel delivery company, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the service and assistance you need—quickly, reliably and safely. Forget about guesswork: our knowledgeable team has you covered! From easy ordering to on-site delivery, you can turn to Murray-Heutz for all of your diesel fuel needs.

Turn to Murray-Heutz for the answers to your diesel fuel delivery questions and for anything else you may need when it comes to residential or commercial heating and fueling needs. Contact us today!