What Is Commercial Propane Used For?

Posted: October 10, 2022

Murray-Heutz can help your business prosper with our commercial propane services!

propane delivery for business maine Drive around Central Maine, and you see a diverse array of businesses. What may surprise you is how many of them use propane!

Propane’s versatility, clean burning, and efficiency make it an ideal energy source for many kinds of business. With dependable and expert commercial propane services from Murray-Heutz, these businesses enjoy those benefits while partnering with a local business that understands their needs.

Murray-Heutz provides customized propane services for our commercial customers. We sit down with you to thoroughly discuss how you use propane and how much propane you use and come up with a bulk propane delivery schedule tailored to your business.

Because we are local, you get responsiveness and flexibility that no big national company can match. Are you going to be using more propane for a large project? No problem! We’ll adjust the delivery schedule accordingly.

Here’s how propane is used in Central Maine businesses from Lewiston to Augusta, Winthrop to Waterford.


Forklifts are used on construction sites, in warehouses and distribution centers, and other businesses. Propane forklifts don’t just make working easier, they also help promote worker productivity and create a safer environment. Propane forklifts don’t need hours to recharge like electric forklifts, can be used both indoors and outside, and provide superior power.


Tourism brings in close to $8 billion to the Maine economy and about $1 billion in tax revenue each year. Sixteen million people travel to Maine annually. Tourism supports about 107,000 jobs, 16% of the state’s employment. In fact, Maine had the strongest tourism industry recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic in the nation.

Propane is an excellent energy source for hotels, inns, vacation home rentals, restaurants, resorts, event centers, and other hospitality businesses.

Commercial clothes dryers powered by propane are used at hotels, resorts, and golf courses to quickly dry large amounts of linens 25% faster than electric dryers. This, coupled with the fact that propane dryers produce fewer wrinkles, boosts the efficiency of housekeeping staff.

Propane enables restaurant and commercial kitchen chefs to prepare high-quality meals with the precise, immediate temperature control available with propane ranges, broilers, cooktops, and grills. Propane can also power water heaters, warming trays, outdoor heating, and more.


Maine is known for its outstanding agricultural products, especially potatoes, dairy, and blueberries. Farmers all around Maine count on propane in a wide range of ways.

Propane is an efficient way to heat barns, greenhouses, and other outbuildings. It can also provide power for standby generators for homes and outbuildings. Flame weed control with propane is an environmentally friendly alternative to harmful herbicides contaminating the soil and allows you to get back to work in the field almost immediately, something you can’t accomplish with herbicides.


Propane plays a critical role in helping construction projects stay on time during frigid winter weather. Construction businesses use propane to power temporary equipment like heaters and ground-thawers, as well as generators. This allows them to keep working in cold weather and protects materials from the elements.

Commercial generators

Whether it’s a summer tropical storm or a wintertime nor’easter, power outages can wreak havoc on all kinds of businesses. Propane standby generators are used at retail and grocery stores, hospitals, assisted living centers, nursing homes, healthcare facilities, schools, and other enterprises to protect people and property during power outages. A propane standby generator also keeps HVAC systems running to protect essential business technology like servers, computers, and other electronics.

Propane is a more dependable energy source for generators than gasoline because it doesn’t degrade over time. Additionally, businesses and institutions that use propane generators don’t have to rely on natural gas utility or its questionable infrastructure.

If you want the most dependable commercial propane service in Central Maine, contact Murray-Heutz!