Causes of Water Heater Trouble

Posted: December 6, 2021

Check for these four signs

water heater repair maineWith temperatures dropping here in Maine, you are undoubtedly going to start to get some good use out of your water heater. One thing that you certainly don’t want is to figure out that your water heater isn’t working properly in the middle of a Maine winter. You also want to stay on top of your water heater for your own safety as about one out of every 10 fires started by home heating devices are connected to water heater issues.

So how can you stay safe and ensure that your water heater won’t cause you any trouble this winter and beyond? Look out for the below four signs so that you can avoid any major issues and complications.

  1. Sediment collection
    If too much sediment starts to collect at the bottom of your water heater, it becomes harder for the heater to do its job of heating your water. Too much sediment also prevents the heater from working as efficiently as it normally would. Sometimes, sediment collection can be detected by experiencing a lower water temperature or if your water heating bills suddenly start to increase even though your water use hasn’t changed. However, flushing a tank is really the only true way to confirm sediment buildup. Not everyone is able to properly flush a tank, but the technicians at Murray-Heutz would be happy to do so for you.
  2. Constant running
    You definitely don’t want your water heater to be running 24/7, as this will quickly add up in costs and is not good for the heater itself. In fact, the less it’s run the better. Covering the pipes and heater with insulating blankets will keep heat in, which means the heater won’t have to run as often.
  3. Temperatures that are too high
    We recommend keeping your water heater’s temperature at 120°. This means you may have to lower yours, as it was probably automatically preset to 140°. 140° is hotter than necessary and is not necessarily safe in terms of potential scalding. Lowering the temperature is safer and will help save you money.
  4. The water heater’s age
    Like most household items, water heaters need to be upgraded from time to time. If yours is old, consider upgrading to a new model. They are safer than older versions and are more energy-efficient.

It is always advised that you schedule routine maintenance for your water heater so that you can rest assured that the system is running properly. The technicians at Murray-Heutz are here for your tune-up and maintenance needs so that you can avoid any problems.

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