More Is More: The Benefits of Adding Propane Appliances

Posted: July 5, 2017

Propane stove flame

If you use propane to power your boiler or furnace, you already know how well it works. The question is why aren’t you using propane elsewhere in your home?

We see it all the time: a customer will have an electric water heater in the same home as their propane furnace when converting that water heater to propane would save them 30 percent on their monthly bills (or even more if you go tankless)!

The benefits of propane as a power source for appliances don’t only apply to water heaters. Consider that:

The bottom line: with every propane appliance you add to your home, you’ll save money and get better performance with propane than electricity (not to mention some of the other benefits you’ll get using propane).

Best of all, every appliance can be linked to a single propane tank, which can be installed underground and out of site!

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